Covid-19, GreatReset & ClimateWar scams + Life without cash + Corruption: Gov’t, WHO, Gates, Wellcome Trust, Pharmafia, Daszak + Ardern’s dystopian Biowave + Flu vax don’t prevent getting a flu

The Great Reset: Klaus Schwab’s WEF has plans to implement a ‘Carbon Allowance’ that will restrict what you do, buy and eat

THE GREAT RESET: UN & WEF admit to censoring Google Search results & paying Big Tech & Influencers to shape Public Opinion on COVID & Climate Change as they declare”We own the Science and we think the world should know it”

Covid vaccines are the biggest corruption scandal in the history of the world, says MEP

The Smart Money Nightmare: What Life Without Cash Could Mean for You

Pfizer admits to European Parliament they NEVER tested whether Covid Vaccine prevented transmission or infection – “Get Vaccinated for Others” was always a Lie

The names & faces of the 150 Bilderbergers who have influenced & controlled the response to COVID-19

Investigation: In 2018, the US Deep State funded Daszak to create Covid-19 for Moderna’s Vaccine Platform

WHO, Bill Gates and Wellcome Trust’s Global Vaccine Fund Lacks Transparency and Accountability

How Bill Gates & Partners’ money controlled the World’s Draconian Covid Plan

30k twitter bots use applied psychology to push GreatReset

Inside Jacinda Ardern’s Dystopian Biowave Political Movement

The Immunisation Fraud: Flu Vaccines Don’t Stop You from Getting Flu

If We Want the World We Cherish to Still Exist then The Climate War is The One That Matters Most

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