Australian gov’t: Vax no more a condition of employment + DARPA & Moderna pioneered mRNA vax idea + South Africa: Lockdown contradictions & lies + NZ: Law amendments to cover-up sudden deaths + Gov. manipulates data to hide cov-vax deaths + Confidential Pfizer docs: Cov-vax leads to mass depop

Letter to the Editor: Australian Government Departments Reverse Decision That Vaccines Are a Condition of Employment

How DARPA and Moderna pioneered the idea behind mRNA vaccines

South Africa’s Web of Lockdown Contradictions and Untruths (Part 1)

New Zealand: Proposed Amendments to Coroner’s Bill is an Attempt to Cover-up Sudden Deaths

Evidence your Government is manipulating data to hide COVID Vaccine Deaths

Your Government is trying to kill you: Confidential Pfizer Documents reveal COVID Vaccination is going to lead to Mass Depopulation

By piotrbein