Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak: How to live in torsion field smog & not get sick


by Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak

Gdańsk, January 7, 2018

Translation from Polish source by Piotr Bein, October 22, 2022, authorised by Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak on October 23, 2022.

In the biographies of centenarians we immediately notice that they have not been spared by consuming handfuls of drugs, as many people looking for a healthy life might think.

They are simply healthy almost until they die. They are not affected by civilization diseases; often in the same area hundreds of them live their lives independently. And it’s not becauseof their diet.1 Some of them like to eat fat, and to drink alcohol and smoke. Each one of them is active and cheerful.

They are not affected by civilization diseases; often at about 100 in the same area hundreds of them live their lives independently

Actually, it is not known why they live longer than others. There are, of course, attempts to find genetic factors, quite promising in terms of knowledge, but offering us nothing as we can’t choose our genotype, while the incidence of tumors is growing at an alarming rate. Extrapolated epidemiological data indicates that cancer deaths will soon take the lead.

Meanwhile, scientific expeditions that studied Inuit and Africans before Western civilization reached them have shown that there was no cancer at all among those peoples.2 It is a disease of civilization. Some people do it to others and charge for such “service”.

Despite, there is no alarm, most everyone treats diseases of civilization as if they were an act of God. Depopulation enters our daily dictionary, but the social engineering culprits are not protected. Their knowledge is fragmentary, and humanity will “correct” them as it has done to many others. Most important is knowledge, or rather lack of it. As skeptics reject the presence of subtle interactions, largely identified with torsion fields, there is nothing to prevent natural selection from depriving us of years of retirement.

We do not have to submit to this selection. Given that natural torsion fields are ignored while torsion fields emitted by the products of civilization is the primary cause of its diseases, it suffices to avoid these excessive torsion fields. Animals sense the torsion field, and so do dowsers. If we are not gifted in this area, we must rely on the knowledge of others. I present below the most important known influences on humans , focusing on the most insidious ones.

Cell phones, DECT, Wi-Fi routers and smart meters

Most everyone knows about harmfulness of emissions from various types of radio transmitters. It is less known that the harm is due to the torsion fields accompanying the electromagnetic emissions. Living organisms are not equipped with antennas suitable for electromagnetic fields. In contrast, torsion fields are picked up by specialized protein receptors that overlap at least partially with the signaling receptors found in human cells.4 We know that cell phones transmit position signals every now and then and it’s not advisable to keep them in our pocket. We shouldn’t talk for a long time, but rather be brief and not give the cell phone to children; these are Russian recommendations.

However, we may not be aware of as harmful DECT cordless phones found in most homes, transmitting continuously over a distance of a kilometer, even when the handset sits in the charging unit and the phone is apparently turned off. This applies equally to Wi-Fi routers, and. s.c. “smart” meters for water, heat, and electricity, broadcasting every few or several seconds. We do not need these three types of devices, we just need to make sure that they do not install them without informing us.

Electric cables and power lines

There are cables, and an agent from the power company comes to our house anyway to pick up a radio signal, we can let him into the house as before. There is no legal requirement to force us to have a radio transmitter installed at home. There are only EU recommendations intended to control everyone.

Direct electric current in the power grid would be preferable to the alternating current. Thomas Edison accused Nikola Tesla that his alternating current kills. Perhaps it was more about destroying a business competitor back then, but it’s true. The cables radiate a torsion field when current goes through them and also, to a slightly lesser extent, when it doesn’t. A 400kV high voltage line affects us adversely up to several hundred meters (within this range there is a well-confirmed increased incidence of leukemia in children).3 The torsion field from the line is detectable at a distance of 2 km.17

Mercury, halogen and LED bulbs

The flashing light of incandescent lamps, especially mercury and halogen lamps, comes into resonance with human long-term biological clocks.4 The photons carry torsion field particles that are released after being absorbed by human skin pigments. 

LED lighting is perhaps softer, but only those not flashing, such as LED strings powered by a current source. LEDs are made of various semiconductors; we don’t even know what kind of semiconductor when we buy them. To date, no research has been carried out on which of them have the least impact on humans. 230V LED bulbs flash both at the 50 Hz mains frequency and at the frequency of many kilohertz.

Mercury bulbs should absolutely be dismissed as potentially affecting the 27-day menstrual cycle.4

Tectonic splits

Tectonic splits are 200 m wide stripes on the Earth surface, arranged in several kilometers long irregular triangles, quadrilaterals and pentagons, 5 They are probably related to cracks formed at a time when the Earth was cooling down and the lava was shrinking. Torsion field intensity In the area of ​​tectonic splits is three times greater, and even eight times greater at their intersections.5, 17 Almost all cases of cancer and diabetes occur in people living in tectonic divisions.17

If you do not want to get sick because of them, you need to find an apartment in the so-called “good place”. It’s easy to say. For the average Polish citizen, moving to another place exceeds his or her financial ability. To compare, several million zlotys for the treatment of cancer in one child is collected with the help of television. Polish dowsers are incompetent, most of them don’t know what a tectonic split is, while across our eastern border this topic is well known, for example on the Internet you can find maps of Kiev5 and St.Petersburg with marked tectonic splits.

Nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants radiate a torsion field far away, according to . Russian dowsers even 100 or 200 km. Uranium’s information radiation has a resonant effect on our biological clocks.4 However, we do not have to defend ourselves against this impact from nuclear power plants, until they are built.

PET bottles and packaging

After devices generating electromagnetic fields, “mineral water” is the second greatest experiment on all of humanity. “You want to be healthy, instead of drinking tap water, drink mineral water from the supermarket” — this marketing slogan attracts equally those who worry about their health, and those who believe they are better marketers, who have already tricked thousands of customers by selling them something they don’t need. Thus, the circle closes, the snake eats its own tail. However, there is no scientific reason why bottled mineral water is better than tap water.13

The water itself is innocent, but the millions of tonnes of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and bisphenol-A bottles are one of the most insidious products of our time. It is no coincidence that bisphenol-A has been one of the most intensively researched substances for years. Yet, Polish consumers are not aware of the harmfulness of plastic bottles, even though thousands of websites are devoted to this topic in English, a language not familiar to an average Pole.

The said substances contain aromatic rings. Chemical aromatics have the ability to trap torsion field particles, which then circulate around the rings, creating a vortex torsion field17 with the ugly property of infection, carrying information about everything that is around it. In the case of water or drinks in PET bottles or HDPE yoghurt containers, the plastic’s aromatic ring substances infect the water, this water infects other water, the table, or the wall against which it stands.

Polystyrene also has such properties, graphite — even stronger, and in living organisms — melanin, found in dark cheese molds, for example. After a few hours, the water poured into a PET bottle becomes a homeopathic preparation, similar in power to the C6 homeopathic medicine. In the course of an infection to another substance, it may be strengthened to C20 level.17 In this way, instead of mineral water, many people drink two liters of homeopathic preparation every day, which if it were on the list of homeopathic remedies, the doctor would prescribe in the amount of ten drops.

The information from the consumed “mineral” water spreads through our body within about one hour, and then it is removed from the body within two days. Spectroscopic examination showed that the spectrum of the signal collected from the body after 5 hours is identical to the spectrum of PET material.17 It is not difficult to imagine that such water drunk by the liter will disturb our internal transmission of homeopathic signals (torsion field), and will prevent the action of homeopathic medicines with which we would like to treat ourselves.

Hundreds of published scientific studies show that water from PET bottles has an estrogenic effect11-13 and can disrupt the endocrine system and many signaling pathways, and consequently is the cause of a whole group of civilization diseases. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) recommends that water from PET bottles should not be drunk by pregnant women and children. Some publications say that there are not enough substances washed out of the bottle to achieve such toxicity, while others try to prove that it is enough, making the problem a mystery, as hardliners will not think of the main, homeopathic effect.

Anyway, the bisphenol-A rinsed out of the bottles enters the body concentrated at 1 ppm. Thanks to this, it is possible to correlate the “mineral” water taken systematically over the years with acquired civilization diseases. The water we have in our taps is usually not inferior to bottled water in chemical composition, and in the US the standards for tap water are stricter than for bottled water. Our body does not need to manually control the mineral content.

If we have “modern” plastic pipes in our house, which are usually lined with bisphenol-A epoxy resin inside, then this water is not potable. Fortunately, the information from drinks in PET bottles can be deleted by placing it in the fridge for a moment (put it in the fridge, close it and then open the fridge), but after two hours in the bottle, the radiation from the water is strong again.

Bisphenol-A was known to have an estrogenic effect as early as 1936, attempts were made to use it as a medicine until its place was replaced by many times more potent diethylstilbestrol, a somewhat similar two-ring aromatic compound used in 1940s to 1980s as medicine against miscarriage.6 A whole group of similar simple compounds turned out to be a big mistake, today they are called hormonal disruptors (endocrine disruptors). They bind to estrogen receptors (estrogenic and antiestrogenic effect), androgen receptors (antiandrogenic effect), thyroid gland, vitamin D, retinol, and receptors responsible for the regulation of sugar levels and fat metabolism. Their use in medicine has caused incalculable damage over the years.14

Several dozen popular aromatic chemical compounds found in our environment work in a similar way. By focusing only on PET and polycarbonate bottles, both containing bisphenol-A, it has been proven that regular consumption of water and food packed in such materials causes heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, thyroid disorders, asthma, reproductive problems, incl. miscarriage, and in children whose mothers drank such water during pregnancy — autism or ADHD-like symptoms, aggression, anxiety, depression, mental difficulties and obesity.7-10

The next generation can inherit these problems epigenetically. The epigenetic inheritance has been demonstrated with diethylstilbestrol.6 A study in mice showed an even more grim picture: as many as four tested generations had physiological and mental disorders acquired in the first generation fetal period under the influence of hormonal disruptors, including bisphenol-A.6,10

Also noteworthy is a characteristic fact, observable in detail: people who have learned that they have drunk poison for twenty years and are now ill, psychologically displace this fact, by refusing to accept that they have committed such stupidity by their own, unforced will.


When we put a glass vessel with water into a polystyrene box, after a few hours the water will radiate the information of styrene. Similarly, the polystyrene that covers the walls radiates the styrene signal for a meter17 and adversely affects us if we sleep next to the insulated wall. Many people notice that after their home is insulated, they cannot sleep against such a wall. We can, however, move the bed away from the wall a little.

PET plastic is also present in polar fleece, styrene in BSA used for most electronic housings, bisphenol-A,in thermal paper, carpets, cosmetics and possibly most everywhere. The artificial fibers used in our clothes deserve separate examination.

Meat and plants

Meat and plants also introduce homeopathic information into our body and it cannot be deleted simply in the fridger. These topics are very broad, so we will learn about these interactions at a later time.

Combustion engines

When driving a car over a long distance, even being a passenger next to the driver, we can feel fatigue, even though we did nothing, and also a headache, no matter what car we were driving. The engine is a chemical reactor in which several dozen kilograms of fuel have been burned in the meantime. Chemical reactions in the engine cylinders release torsion field particles.

Let’s compare the radiation of the vortex torsion field from our body, for example, by putting the side of a finger to a vial of water for three minutes. The radiation from the vial after the car journey is slightly lower than that after drinking a liter of liquid from a PET bottle and then falls for two days to the body’s characteristic value. The radiation spectrum from the infected vial after 5 hours after returning from the long trip was identical with the spectrum of the signal downloaded, by the torsion field accelerator, from the running engine.17

When we drive just a few kilometers to work, the level of radiation in the body will not increase. It is no coincidence that truck and bus drivers have an inexplicable incidence of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, obesity (three times more often), type II diabetes (three times more often) and other conditions, exceeding other professions’ average.15,16 However, it is possible to use a torsion field screen on the motor.

Radiation of death

A dying person sends out what is known as radiation of death, which is somewhat similar to radiation from inflammation.17 This radiation remains recorded in the death location — in bed, in the wall, in the floor — and can be detected after several decades. It carries information about who died, among other things, as the place and date of birth of the deceased can be decoded in the duodecimal system.17 According to cultural tradition, the deathbed should be burned.

Change in your own backyard

The awareness that civilization diseases come from the excess of man-made torsion fields allows us to create an environment in which their level will be so low that it will not disturb the internal communication flow in our body and the biological clocks it uses. One needs a bit of cleverness and a willingness to change.

At the present stage of knowledge, for most people who do not want to be ill with no sense, it is not necessary to be able to feel these fields in order to avoid them. Unfortunately, once the disease has looped in the so-called epigenetic vicious circle, we wouldn’t be able to break it for the next few years, until the exact mechanisms of specific DNA methylation are known. However, we can expect some relief of symptoms and no new diseases.

In fact, knowledge about the harmfulness of the different sources of torsion field radiation is nothing new. Observant persons notice that a novelty is not good for them, with resulting physiological symptoms. It is enough to ask more people to find out about it. However, our system of publishing only politically correct knowledge, also on the Internet, prevents them from publicizing their observations.

Since this knowledge is not new, the existing situation be changed preferablyin your own backyard. International corporations and cartels operating under the rule of law resemble mafias rather than noble people, except that mafias rob only of money, while the big producers rob both of health and money. The history of various harmful products teaches us that decades pass from knowledge of adverse effects to their recall.

I dedicate this text to all who do not have to be ashamed that they have intuition and perceive more, and yet not everything.


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By piotrbein