Informed consent ignored to get everyone jabbed + Von der Leyen’s dealings with Bourla investigated + Canada: Former employees sue WestJet for tramping on their rights & freedoms + EU 2022: Record number of excess deaths, kids & young adults die ‘mysteriously’ + Cov-vax kill hundreds of thousands weekly, confidential Pfizer docs confirm the gov’t knew it would happen

Informed Consent Stampeded Out of Way in Rush to Get Everyone Injected

EU Prosecutor Confirms Ongoing Investigation into Ursula von der Leyen’s Dealings with Albert Bourla

Canada: Former Employees Sue WestJet for Failing to Protect Their Rights and Freedoms

Europe has suffered a record-breaking number of Excess Deaths in 2022 & it’s because so many Children & Young Adults are “mysteriously” dying

Government reports prove COVID Vaccination is killing Hundreds of Thousands every week & Confidential Pfizer Docs. confirm your Government knew it would happen

By piotrbein