Sen. Franken admits being warned about 9/11 + Jews during the French revolution & under Napoleon + Founder of the Zio front made Knight of the Legion of Honour + Giorgia Meloni electoral silence

Senator Al Franken admits in his book, Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them (2003), that he received a call from the former Mayor of New York, Ed Koch, warning him not to go to his office
in the World Trade Center on 9-11
Queer Mossad Jew Ed Koch spilled 9/11 beans due to homosexual attraction to Jew Al Franken

Sen. Al Franken Admits Being Warned About 9-11 – bollyn .com
Because of this eminently incriminating admission, Al Franken was effectively blackmailed into resigning from the Senate by the Mossad Jew Schumer – minor sexual peccadilloes were used as a pretext.

Al Franken receives 9/11 warning from former NYC Mayor Ed Koch
Back-up: Al Franken receives 9/11 warning from former NYC Mayor Ed Koch


The Jews in the French society, during the French revolution
and under Napoleon / Les juifs dans la société française,
durant la Révolution française et sous Napoléon

La trilogie de Joseph Lémann
(Abbott Joseph Lémann was a converted Jew)

The Emperor didn’t hesitate to tell the Council of State:
“We do not complain about the Protestants and Catholics
 as we complain about the Jews.  The evil that the Jews do
 does not come from individuals, but from the fundamental
 nature of these people: these are the vermin that ravage
 France.”                                                                – Napoleon

“The government cannot look with indifference
 on the way a despicable nation [the Jews] takes
 possession of all the provinces of France.
 The Jews have to be treated as a special people.
 They are a state within a state. It is discouraging
 for the French nation to end up under the sway
 of the lowest of peoples. The Jews are the master
 robbers of the modern age, they are the carrion
 birds of humanity…  They must be treated with
 political justice, not with civil justice.”  – Napoleon


Perpignan, France: The founder of [the Zio front] ‘Zakhor pour la mémoire’ made Knight of the Legion of Honour by Serge Klarsfeld 
Perpignan: le fondateur de Zakhor pour la mémoire fait
chevalier de la Légion d’honneur par Serge Klarsfeld

Yes, the highest award is being handed out by a low-gutter Jew.
“Serge and Beate Klarsfeld [the Jew and the German pervert] dedicated their lives to Nutzi-hunting…  And now they accepted
the invitation of the Mayor of Perpignan Louis Aliot, candidate to succeed Marine Le Pen as president of the National Rally…”
Besides, the Klarsfelds never made a secret of their support for the illegal Jew apartheid. And they certainly never ‘hunted’ any Jew
war criminals in I$raHell.


Video – Meloni with melons. Electoral silence, Italian style
Giorgia Meloni con i meloni – 5 seconds
This ‘far-right’ politician believes in Holocaust like in Jesus Christ.
Likewise, her newly-sworn minister Salvini, the leader of the Lega, is
a bosom buddy of Netanyahu and an out of closet Putin-lover.  Their
coalition partner Berlusconi is a bosom buddy of Putin, the mass-
murdering fellow multibillionaire…

Netanyahu: Matteo Salvini is ‘great friend of Israel’
Salvini il sionista, perfetto portavoce di Bibi Netanyahu
Salvini il sionista, perfetto portavoce di Bibi Netanyahu

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