Remove graphene from your body + England: Another 1.6k excess deaths in a week + UK regulator: Covid-19 man-made, vax created using computer generated DNA + Europe: Official mortality data proves cov-vax causes mass depop, 2022 a record-breaking year for all age groups

A guide on how to remove Graphene, the substance being transmitted from the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated, from your body…

England suffers another 1.6k Excess Deaths in a single week bringing the total to nearly 30k Excess Deaths since April & COVID Vaccination is to blame

BREAKING – UK Medicine Regulator confirms COVID-19 is Man-made & the Vaccines were created using Computer Generated DNA

Official Mortality Data for Europe proves Covid-19 Vaccination is causing Mass Depopulation with 2022 being a record-breaking year for Deaths among all age groups including Children

By piotrbein