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Information medicine

by Diana Wojtkowiak

October 28, 2022

Treanslated by Piotr Bein from Polish original, authorisation pending from Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak

Torsion field in living organisms

Let’s define what information medicine is and what it isn’t. It is good to start with a very successful model of how information medicine operates, based on the torsion field and the particles that transfer this field. In short, the torsion field is a subtle interaction, or the fifth force not included in the so-called standard model that in the 1950s included gravity, electromagnetic fields, strong force and weak force. Apart from the official physics, independent one for military purposes is also being developed for political reasons. This procedure was started before the Second World War in Germany, and from around 1940 in the USA. Not only was it developed in secret by the best scientists and with mass funding, promising new fields of physics, but also a process began to inhibit the development of official physics by hindering the publication of important discoveries.

Paradigms have been introduced on which any new physical theories must be based. For example, there cannot exist (they simply must not exist) other interactions or particles than those included in the standard model, nothing can exceed the speed of light, and on the smallest atomic scale below the Heisenberg determination principle, there are no hidden variables, nothing but mathematics. A lot of other nonsense still lingers in textbooks, and the intelligent students notice that something is wrong. If teachers don’t impede their thinking, they will someday go beyond the contrived paradigm.

As early as in the 1920s, Luis the Broglie and Erwin Schroedinger included in their theories the non-electromagnetic field necessary for the description of quantum interactions. It had nothing to do with the other three interactions. In the academic textbooks of quantum physics, we find these fields known as matter waves or quantum potential. For students to ask about their nature, it is improper. At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, Genadij Shipov showed1 that this is a torsion field previously introduced by Elle Cartan in Einstein’s theory of relativity, which he improved. So, at the quantum level, we have torsion fields.

I showed2 that the van der Waals interaction responsible in biology for the interaction of proteins with each other and proteins with DNA is a torsion field, and not any theoretical virtual dipoles. I also showed that in optics, a torsion field is responsible for many phenomena, not any similar virtual dipoles.3 Moving on to basic control at the living cell level, we have protein receptors that are stimulated by signaling molecules in the form of chemical or protein molecules. There is a weak van der Waals interaction that allows for a momentary stimulation of the receptor and then the signaling molecule detaches. If there were covalent or ionic bonding of the signal molecule, it would not be able to detach itself from the receptor, thus permanently blocking it.

Torsion field particles

Torsion field particles are one of the most amazing objects in our everyday world. Such a particle is made of a matter that resembles clay in terms of shaping, but can change dimensions from the size of an atom4 to several centimeters5 at another instant. When the particle comes close to, or rather enters, some substance, e.g. a protein, it will exit pretending by the torsion field shape to be this protein.

When in place of the protein such a particle enters a human cell receptor, the receptor is tricked that a real protein stimulates it, and it gets activated. This is information medicine. The information of the spatially shaped torsion field of the substance replaced a biologically active chemical substance.

It is certainly no coincidence that and not just chemicals but also spatial torsion fields control our receptors. The field plays a huge role in morphogenesis, in our development from embryo to adult human. The information recorded in the torsion field particle is not a frequency, although such a particle may have a large number of resonance frequencies. Neither it is a digital record, as some people confuse information and computer science. It is an analogically recorded shape, not the shape of the surface, but also a record of what is inside. With great precision all this is written down: arrangement of several thousand protein atoms and the contents if atomic nuclei, for example, the number of neutrons in each. These are the results of twelve years of my experiments with torsion field particles, still being confirmed in experiments.

Known from fairy tales and legends, the subject of adopting any shape is not new. Here it is something more tangible.

Information medicine technologies

Information medicine includes mainly the following three ways of transferring information about chemical and biological substances:

  • classical homeopathy,
  • information preparations made with the use of a torsion field accelerator,
  • radionics.

All three techniques use a large set of starting substances in the form of information with unmistakably defined origin and tested for their effects on the human body.

Classic homeopathy

In classical homeopathy (200 years old, from Samuel Hahnemann), we have homeopathic medicines sold in homeopathic pharmacies, obtained with the use of automated shakers that alternate the process of dilution and potentiation according to the standards described in the pharmacopoea of individual countries. The raw materials are pure chemical and biological substances, as well as herbs and killed animals. The effects of the medicines have been studied by thousands of homeopaths.

Preparations performed with the use of a torsion field accelerator

Information preparations made with the use of a torsion field accelerator and a potentiation device using the perpendicular movement of the pattern and matrix relative to the torsion field particle beam is a new method I have developed in 2011.6

It has a better signal-to-noise ratio compared to homeopathic medicines obtained on shakers. In addition to all signal sources used in classical homeopathy, it enables the acquisition of signals from elementary particles, ionized gases, celestial bodies, living organisms, torsion field phantoms recorded on analog and digital photos, and from macro and microscopic photos, incl. the use of atomic force microscopy. It is also possible to catch the signal of the substance of interest from a mixture of many substances using the torsion field particle spectroscope that transfers the preparative information.7,2


The term radionics in the strict sense comes from the old term for electronic devices, when they were still called radio devices. Albert Abrams constructed the first such devices in the USA before the First World War.

He found that electrical cables conduct the subtle interactions characteristic of a patient’s diseases and then can be filtered by radio resonant circuits consisting of coils and capacitors. After filtering, the subtle interactions can be introduced into the body of the same patient, but with a healing effect. Abrams was the first to pick out such signals from phantoms present in photos of sick people.

Years later it turned out that such signals can be recorded on audio tape and computer hard drives. Apart from the possibility of modifying the signal from the patient’s body, the current radionic devices enable thousands of informational preparations obtained from homeopathic medicines be recorded into computer memory and sent to the body of a patient depending on the diagnosis.

There is a problem with the diagnosis. There is no effective transducer of torsion field to electric field, while disease manifests itself in the former and not in the latter field. The only electrical signals from the body are ECG, EEG, and EMG.

Diagnosis of several dozen acupuncture points containing prion proteins reacting to the torsion field, for example, by the Voll or Ryodoraku method, requires skillful searching for points, and the information provided, in the form of slow changes in potential or resistance, directs us to specific organs, their hyperfunction. Some companies rely on the clairvoyant ability of the person operating the radionic device.

The others, based on one or two metal rollers held in one or two hands, the programs of which display a hundred or more disease problems after the examination, do not meet the basic diagnostic assumption, which is to determine the cause of the experienced physical or mental problems. Such devices should be disqualified as useless and chaotic in the patient’s understanding of their problems, and cause in patients unnecessary fears that they have serious diseases, displayed on a long list, which actually do not exist. The use of such diagnostic devices by therapists is unethical.

Recognized by some companies as radionic devices, there are also AC frequency generators and passive frequency filters based on graphite potentiometers. They provide certain frequencies that resonate with the body, but the essential information is always the same. In the case of generators, it is a copper signal from wires or coils, a silicon signal from a microprocessor and other integrated circuits, or tin from solders.

In the case of passive filters with multiple potentiometers, this is mainly the graphite signal. They don’t meet the condition that, using the operating manual, we can find what information the tested patient is stuffed with, corresponding to the chemical substances. This doesn’t mean that they don’t work, but that their range of capabilities compared to real radionic devices is very modest and we will not find a description of the expected physiological effects in homeopathic materia medica, on contrast to the three information medicine techniques.

Commercially available radionics devices have a relatively low signal-to-noise ratio due to the radiation of torsion field information by electronic components carrying copper, silicon or tin signals. Similarly, this problem is avoidable in the case of frequency generators but currently only some Russian designers notice the presence of these interference.

Accessories such as orgonites, radiesthesia radiators or materials strongly radiating the same homeopathic information have absolutely nothing to do with radionics.

Properties of informational preparations

The main advantage of informational preparations is their much lower harmfulness compared to chemical drugs. On the one hand, years of experience of homeopaths have led to the elimination of harmful preparations. On the other hand, the information preparation does not enter into chemical reactions and cannot be modified by the body enzymes, as is the case with chemical or biological substances. In this way, no by-products of decay are formed, and we are dealing with torsion field molecules that functionally interact only with cell receptors. Information preparations reach individual organs of our body more easily. Additionally, the method of duplicating informational preparations causes that they are medicinal preparations with a low mass production cost.

Homeopathic remedies were obtained only from inorganic substances, plants and small animal organisms for many of homeopathy’s early years. Currently, along with the understanding of the functioning of our body at the level of thousands of genes and proteins in cells, information preparations are being developed to replace biological signaling particles, acting at the highest level of regulation of cells and our entire body.

Information preparations can be obtained from very unstable biological substances, e.g. cytokines unusable in classical medicine supplying patients with chemical substances. Scientists in the post-Soviet countries lead the way in the production of such preparations. It is currently the most promising direction of non-invasive medicine, although not necessarily accepted by the pharmaceutical cartel that seeks a monopoly on treatment.

There are also dark matter particles with the ability to transfer spatial information — WIMPs that probably play a decisive role in bioenergotherapy, and even neutrinos.8 These particles are not yet used in information medicine.


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Informational studies of homeopathic medicines

by D. Wojtkowiak, M. Skórkowska, W. Misztal, K. Raduszkiewicz, A. Frydrychowski

Published in Homeopatia Praktyczna (2018) 1-4: 95-112


The paper presents the results of research on commercial homeopathic medicines with the use of torsion field particle spectroscopy. The method of obtaining homeopathic preparations of high information purity is presented. A new explanation of the mechanism of potentiation of shaking homeopathic medicines has been proposed.

Infectious homeopathic remedies based on aromatic structures

by D. Wojtkowiak, B. Głębicka, W. Misztal, M. Skórkowska, A. Frydrychowski

June 21, 2020


The paper presents the results of experiments on homeopathic preparations radiating a vortex torsion field. Vortex preparations have the special property of infecting water placed next to it, table, or other homeopathic preparations. Infectious preparations include those made of dark microfungi and organisms containing melanin and melanin derivatives. The infectious properties of plastics containing aromatic groups have also been demonstrated, including ordinary PET bottles. Magnetotherapy provides a vortex field, too. The work deals for the first time with the pharmacokinetics of homeopathic medicines and the spectroscopy of torsion field particles introduced into the body for therapeutic purposes.

By piotrbein