Australia: Vax sceptics are Nazis, ISIS, terrorists, serial killers, KKK and ‘darkness’ + EMA: cov-vax adversely affects female fertility + Official Gov. reports: Cov-vax cause depop at a frightening rate + Covid-19 greatest crime in history + MHRA won’t release cov-vax related info

Ardern’s Propaganda reaches the Level of Insanity; People who question vaccine safety are linked to Nazis, ISIS, Terrorism, Serial Killers, Klu Klux Klan and “Darkness”

EMA finally admits COVID Vaccination can have an Adverse Effect on Female Fertility

Official Government Reports prove COVID Vaccination is causing Depopulation at a frightening rate

Covid-19: How the Greatest Crime in History Unfolded

MHRA won’t release Covid Vaccine related Information; They can run but they can’t hide forever

By piotrbein