Canada: Drs. Hoffe and Malthouse tour + MSM is a different story + National Citizens’ Inquiry +Common Law made CLEAR + Protect yourself from the medical mafia with Action4Canada legal forms

The C.L.E.A.R. group and allies are among Canada;s most busy groups fighting for freedom from medical and other tyrrany — Piotr Bein


Source: C.L.E.A.R. e-bulletin of Nov 4, 2022

Drs. Hoffe and Malthouse with the Tour Bus, supported by The Resistance!

Dr. Hoffe with the Tour Bus
The Tour Bus at Kelowna City Hall, Sat. Oct. 26, 2022, supported by The Resistance!
Thank you Sarah for this incredible poster!

We were so excited to have Dr. Hoffe and Dr. Malthouse join us at the Sat Freedom Rally in support of the presentation that evening in West Kelowna.

Their presentation was simply amazing. Dr. Hoffe has incredible and professional statistics presentation and information he shared with us and Dr. Malthouse provided some great humour and a wonderfully hopeful message for the future.

And a very grateful thank you for all the volunteers who assisted on Saturday night.

Plans are being made for a future tour to the East as well!

Almost 800 people showed up to see the Doctors just throughout the Okanagan!!

We do support truth and freedom in B.C.

The MSM however is a different story.


Monday, Oct. 28, 2022 – CASTANET

See this link for the wonderful video of the Doctor’s attempts to talk with The Castanet Cowards.

The Doctors and their crew came back to Kelowna to stop at the office of Castanet on Monday morning. Their objective was to expose their false allegations in their articles about the Doctors, and to have them interview the Doctors to obtain the truth, including the harm done in the experimental injections.

Spineless cowards in Castanet refused to come out and do an interview, despite being caught on video waving to the Doctors.

I personally called Castanet officials to let them know that these Doctors wished to talk to their reporters. I was rudely told twice that they did not wish to talk to them. Clearly these reporters are wimps and cowards – they will attack people from behind the desk but when it comes to face- to-face meetings, even peaceful ones, they cower under their tables for cover.

A wonderful member of our local rally group contacted Castanet as well. A newsroom official, who declined to release his name provided his lame response was that Castanet reporters would not talk to them because they are not doctors. Dr. Hoffe is presently still licenced to practice medicine in British Columbia. I do not believe Dr. Malthouse is, however, I believe he has simply retired.

The Castanet rep further claimed that people had adverse reactions and were sick before the experimental injections, ignoring of course SADS (sudden adult death syndrome) which has never occurred in the past at all.

Castanet is without doubt one of the most evil, negligent, and gov’t biased reporting services going.

Please call Castanet at 250 420-5575 and demand to know why they continue to write untrue stories about these doctors and others who oppose the gov’t vaccine actions, but refuse to interview them to hear both sides of the story.




We need a truly independent inquiry – not some committee where the arbitrator is appointed and the terms and conditions set out by the Prime Dictator of Canada [Trudeau].



The Death Trap (AKA Kelowna General Hospital)

I don’t know about you guys but time seems to be going by at warp speed! And if you’re actively fighting this war, that’s a good thing! If you’re busy doing something, anything, to help expose and share the truth, you are being productive for the cause and you’re making a difference!

Every little thing you do to fight back against the lies and deceit is having a positive effect, even if you can’t see it. Some places like the hospital have not been challenged much and that is why they continue to successfully enforce their anti-health rules. After all, hospitals are “ground zero” for the deceit that fueled the whole plandemic. It’s a tricky place to deal with. I don’t know how any good and decent people are able to continue working there with integrity, but if there are, God bless them. But most doctors and nurses there are now seasoned serial killers. They’ve been getting away with murder while being handsomely compensated for their efforts for almost 3 years now. They have become desensitized to the genocide they are contributing to. Although it’s a waste of time to try and comprehend what kind of beings work in that environment, and getting harder by the day to blame ignorance for their actions, God is clearly more patient and forgiving than us.

Most of us are avoiding the place like the “Death Trap” it is. And the only time one of us might end up in that ominous establishment is if we find ourselves suffering from a serious health crisis or to visit an unfortunate loved one. In the event either situation comes to pass, be prepared. Use the documentation provided by Action4Canada to protect yourself and dig in your heels. These people are bullies whose power comes from your unwillingness to stand up to them. They are on a greed-fueled power trip only because no one has called them out. They know nothing about health. They know lots about drugs. They feel that their $40,000 education and the fact that they memorized 5,000 drug names makes them experts on how to heal people. They are Big Pharma minions and their souls are on the line. Your courage to stand up to these sanctimonious drug-pushers is required to jolt them into reality and the fact that they are crapping all over their Hippocratic Oath.

Although you are stressed out at having to go there for whatever reason, the fact is you have a legitimate reason for being there, which puts you on the front lines to stand up for freedom. The rest of us can’t do it for you as we would likely be forcibly removed. This is a heavy burden that you need to find the courage to bear. But Action4Canada has many tools you can use to back you up. You will feel empowered and justified with these legal forms in hand to make your case:

  1. Make sure you carry the “Covid Advance Medical Directive” in your wallet at all times. Doctors are using protocols designed to kill you. This card stipulates you do not want these treatments and it is legally binding:
  1. Missing from this card is a stipulation about blood transfusions. Canadian blood is tainted by the Covid Jab. At the bottom of the Medical Directive, write down in red ink “No Blood Transfusions” in the event one is required. For surgeries, you can save up your own blood beforehand. If case you have an accident, find an un-jabbed friend who shares your blood type who would be willing to donate and add his/her contact info next to this card in your wallet.
  2. Have a “Mask Notice of Liability” with you. Not only are masks useless for protection, they cause harm. Every experiment conducted in hospitals indicated the transmission of viruses was higher where doctors wore masks during surgery as opposed to those who didn’t. Mask-wearing is nothing more than a cult-based symbol of compliance with zero science to back it up.
  1. Forced Covid Testing? Don’t acquiesce! False positive results are the reason Bonnie Henry keeps justifying this plandemic. Keep this Notice of Liability with you:
  1. Rapid Antigen Tests? Just another means to violate your body. Say “no thank you” and give them this Notice:
  1. Bring a “Vaccine Notice of Liability” with you. Make sure you give it to a Nurse/Doctor to attach to your file. These people are either pure evil or brainwashed cult members. They are dangerous. It’s up to you to protect your body from harm:
  1. While in hospital or a care home, you may need someone to speak on your behalf or vice-versa. Here is a “Representation Agreement” that allows you access to your loved one and gives you authority to make medical decisions on their behalf. This can provide peace-of-mind for anyone who may be incapacitated and need someone to be their “lifeline.”

These forms represent just the tip of the iceberg from Action4Canada. Use them to educate people when you have the opportunity to do so. Remember, you are doing a favour to everyone you serve a Notice to. Knowledge, Truth and Facts have power and everyone deserves them to make informed decisions. All who ignore this information will be subject to very serious repercussions, legal and spiritual. Wear God’s armour and stand firm in truth. Not only are you on the right side of history, you’re on the winning side of history!

By piotrbein