Tell women the truth about dangers of cov-vax during pregnancy + Scientists suspect cov-vax contain graphene & nanotech that damage the immune system & cause cancer + England: Cov-vax killed over 34k people since May 2022, while the country had nearly 300k deaths + UK: Total number of covid deaths over past 4 mo. 96% higher than in 2020 despite roll-out of 5th dose

Medical Profession urged to tell Women the truth about Dangers of Covid Vaccination during Pregnancy

Scientists suspect Covid Vaccines contain Graphene & Nanotech that is damaging the Immune System & causing Cancer

SADS? – England has now suffered 300k Deaths since May resulting in over 34k Excess Deaths – Why are so many people dying?

Covid Vaccine has killed over 34k people in England since May 2022 & the Country has suffered nearly 300k Deaths during the same period

Total number of COVID Deaths in UK over past 4 Months is 96% higher than total in 2020 despite roll-out of Fifth Dose

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