Doctors cover up each other + Cracks in ‘Vaccines are safe and effective’ narrative + Find out motives and methods of convidians + Covid and all-cause excess deaths up for all age groups incl. kids + Cov-vax cause depop, infertility, cancer & immunity degradation

Letter to the Editor: The Two Golden Rules All Doctors Follow

Cracks Are Appearing in the “Vaccines Are Safe and Effective” False Narrative

Propaganda Permeates Our Lives; We Need to Recognise the Motives and Methods of Those Who Disseminate Falsehoods

COVID Deaths are up 82% in the past 3 months compared to 2020 despite roll-out of 3rd Booster to Over 50’s & Vulnerable

All-Cause Excess Deaths are up 1,314% in the past 6 Months compared to 2020 & 731% compared to 2021

Official Data confirms the COVID Vaccine is killing Children – Europe has suffered a 552% increase in Excess Deaths among Children ever since EMA first approved the Pfizer Jab for Kids

Government Reports & Pfizer Documents prove COVID Vaccination is causing Mass Depopulation, Infertility, Cancer & Immune System Degradation

By piotrbein