Prions in Big Pharma’s hands: What’s the pharmaceutical cartel busy with?

Prions in Big Pharma’s hands. What is the pharmaceutical cartel busy with?

by Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak

Translated by Piotr Bein from Polish original, authorised by Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak Nov 16, 2022.

Introduction for the casual reader

It seems to us that academic science determines human progress. However, this is not where the most important discoveries are made. Decisive in this matter are military institutes, corporations working for the army, and pharmaceutical companies united into one big cartel, where scientists rewarded with much money agree to keep their work secret. Academic science is just an empty shell. It does not undertake the most pressing tasks that go beyond the existing barriers that the political circles have deliberately introduced in order for science to serve in maintaining power.

An attempt to get ahead of the pharmaceutical cartel in the struggle for world power resulted in some closely guarded secrets being placed on the table so that one could just reach for them. It turns out that the pseudovaccine that is not meant to prevent the spread of the virus at all, is based on so much advance knowledge that professors at scientific institutes treat it as magic. They cannot explain the mechanism by which about 30% of the vaccinated have acquired the alarming property of attracting objects to their bodies, not necessarily magnetically, which we can check ourselves.

Using highly advanced research methods, not used by official science, the work entitled “WIMPs and the biological nuclear reaction in the human body” shows important elements of the technology applied: (1) forcing a biological nuclear reaction to take place in our bodies, (2) producing dark matter particles unexplored by the official science, and (3) the expression of prion-like proteins capable of catalyzing a nuclear reaction.

Whence magnetism in the vaxed?

An article on the discovery of the presence of dark matter particles in our organisms, their generation in a biological nuclear reaction, and the copper-zinc enzymes responsible for driving the biological nuclear reaction. (August 18, 2021)

WIMPs and biological nuclear reaction in the human body

How to overheat prions? Activation and inhibition of prion proteins

What does graphene do in vaccines, why does using it to activate prions camouflage the crime of genocide? What substances activate and which inhibit the activity of prions? (March 19, 2022)

How to overheat prions Activation and inhibition of prion proteins

Study results on the presence of graphene in infusion fluids

Is health manipulation with graphene limited to vaccines or is it also common in medications? Out of eight injectable medical preparations studied, seven contained graphene! Present-day pharmacies directly radiate graphene… (February 22, 2022)

Study results on the presence of graphene in infusion fluids

Adverse effects of graphene

Perhaps graphene is not harmful, maybe it got into medicines by chance, as ask naively those who still believe that the government wants their good? Based on literature data, the article shows damage in the body caused by graphene (August 10, 2022)

Adverse effects of graphene

Mechanisms of COVID-19 post-vaccination complications and their treatment

Can you help those unfortunate enough to have been vaccinated? What is going on in their body besides the funny attraction of teaspoons? Is death shortly after vaccination a prion matter? Why mainly people who are treated for civilization diseases die? (July 25, 2022)

Mechanisms of post-vaccination complications

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