Letter to TheExpose: Dark side of Int’l Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

Piotr Bein, 22.11.2022

With reference to the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space here is its less glorious side. My motive is not to re-fry the story to chastise anew its actors who remain crassly offish and uppish about it. I’ve done it already, but the individuals are not ripe for a change of their mind, heart and ways. Rather, I’d like to restore balance for the public to consider the Appeal in a realistic light.

An observer of the 5G scene, by January 2019 I was familiar with the Appeal and its technical background, and have e-met some anti-5G activists, scientists and the Appeal’s co-creators, Claire Edwards and Arthur Firstenberg. I was pleased with the Appeal’s educational and campaigning potential and thought its wrinkles could be ironed out, but a year later I became a captive investigator of a predicament that was brewing and erupted upon Claire’s disclosure.

The Appeal hijacked

Claire alerted fellow activists of a hijacking of the Appeal, naming as culprits the co-editor Arthur Firstenberg and an infiltrator of a self-appointed group Stop 5G International (S5GI), who allegedly worked with the globalists world-wide:

Arthur Firstenberg has chosen to associate the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space with a dubious self-appointed group, stop5ginternational, which was infiltrated by someone closely associated with various people at the very top of the Club of Rome/Agenda 21/2030/”sustainable development” movement, which believes in top-down control of people and resources, and depopulation. This is contrary to the aims of the stop 5G movement. […] By choosing to associate with such people and rejecting transparency, stop5ginternational has chosen to sacrifice public trust.

Claire objected to the use of the Appeal and its signatories’ data in support of a group with dubious alliances, ethics and accountability:

Arthur Firstenberg’s deliberate choice to do so despite repeated and firm forewarning on my part has tainted the good standing of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space.

She apologised to the signatories, sympathisers, fellow anti-5Gers world-wide and the general public for failing to prevent the hijacking. No apology nor rational explanation of ousting Claire came with the co-option, which indicates that it was not a change of hands in good faith.

Contribution robbed, signatories’ personal data violated

Claire was a co-author, co-editor, the designer of the Appeal, and the administrator of all its language versions. Disenchanted and depressed because of the appropriation of her work, Claire severed her association with the Appeal she contributed to substantially:

I spent the whole of 2019 campaigning on behalf of the Appeal at my own expense, while Arthur Firstenberg took complete control of the Appeal, the email addresses of the signatories and all donations, not a single cent of which he shared with me. His actions in unilaterally endorsing stop5ginternational despite my dissent are evidence that he considers the Appeal to be his personal fiefdom.

Henceforth my association with the Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space and with Arthur Firstenberg is terminated and I hereby withdraw my name as a signatory.

Despite repeated requests, Arthur also failed to remove my signature and personal data that he captured with the Appeal. More damning than ignoring requests to do that, and to clean up fake signatories on the Appeal, he refused to dislose his accounting for donations and expenses in conjunction with the Appeal.

Alleged infiltrator vindicated

I probed Clair’s allegations, unmasking a number of persons as the globalists’ useful ignorants in the best case, or, in the worst one — cone artists against Humanity. But try as I did, incl. a confidential e-talking with the accused person, there was insufficient evidence that would corroborate Claire’s claims against the alleged infiltrator. Consequently, I gave that person the benefit of my doubt. Named Nicolya, she thanked me, summing up an unfortunate state of personal relations in anti-5G grassroots (and in many other ones, in my opinion):

Seems that the topics covered are so multi-layered and multifaceted that much misunderstanding abounds. Such a shame people cannot communicate in the spirit of respectful enquiry with a view to mutually supporting each other to comprehend the core realities of the full spectrum of all that is spoken of in the threads. Why people need to ‘attack’ each other is the biggest shame given everyone is working on the same ’side’ as it were. So many brilliant minds in the threads but when pitted against each other dilute the major impact that could be achieved if they were all working together.

I couldn’t agree more with Nicolya, but I exempt from her wrap-up the deliberate plants, agents provocateurs and infiltrators in grassroot groups. Judging by their fruits, Arthur and other actors of the scandal look shady. Decrying the opponents and pontifically threatening pseudo-legalistically, they stirred up the altercations. Hard evidence is in the open against Tanja Rebel, a former ExtinctionRebellion (XR) activist now associated with the Appeal, and Reza Ganjavi, a campaigner in Switzerland whom I skip here to save space. They made much noise about their uprightness, but the evidence speaks for itself.

Trojan horse

I was unable to find any proof that the old “new” Appeal became a campaigning star. Neither does the rise of signatory numbers by 100k to 300k since Claire’s alarm bear witness to it. Was the Appeal’s new management superior in effectiveness, the numbers would run in the millions.

Then what was the ruckus about? As soon as local anti-5G grassroots rushed to Facebook’s Stop5GInternational account, neo-marxist “climate change” and “social & environmental justice” creeped into formerly sensible anti-5G actions. I noticed it when our Polish group, whom I had alerted of the hijack, nevertheless endorsed S5GI’s January 25th, 2020, global protest day.

Arthur continues to benefit from the Appeal he co-opted. Tanja benefits from donations, too, as she sits with Arthur on the board of directors of the custodian of the stolen Appeal, Cellular Phone Task Force (CPTF) founded in 1996 by Arthur who presides over it to date. Who placed Tanja on the board, when and why, remains unknown.

A money maker

CPTF accepts donations by cheque and PayPal to support work around the Appeal. There’s no mention of Arthur’s particular contribution to it in his CV, while on his list of nearly 200 publications he is a co-author with Claire Edwards, Rainerg Nyberg and Lynne Wycherley of only two articles about the Appeal (2018 in English, 2019 translated into French).

Neither Nyberg nor Wycherley figure as CPTF offcicials, so does “we” mean Arthur and neo-marxist XR’s Tanja who never claimed credit for the contribution in question. Psychopaths, narcissists and crooks say “we” while ignoring important someone (contributor/editor/admin Claire Edwards in this case), or when covering up their own dishonesty:

We have created this International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space and have translated it into 30 languages in preparation for delivering it to the world’s governments. Outreach, publicity and media are in process.

Widows are welcome to write a cheque, or donate their mite via PayPal, for the labours of “We The International Appeal”. Admin Arthur accepts bigger fish: For contributions over $5,000 or stock transfers, please contact Appeal Administrator Arthur Firstenberg, info@cellphonetaskforce.org. All donations by U.S. residents are tax deductible.*

Who would entrust donations to CPTF that can’t cough up transparency and possibly hides under globalist wings. TheExpose would be denied PayPal service, would it not?

Tanja virtue-signals who she is not

Who needs activists espousing globalist-Judeocentric ideology in a movement against globalist, Israel- and psychopath Jew-led 5G tech? Tanja Rebel has not renounced her association with XR. She confirms in e-discussions her ideological confusion: polit-correct cultural neo-marxism,  climate change idiocy, Zionist Holocaust belying, and mindless sensing of “antisemitism”. In her discussions, also here, here and here, she signs off with litanies of who she is not:

Not a Eugenicist, Nor a one-eyed extremist, Not UN paid, Nor in XR, Not a Zionist, Nor an anti-semite, Not funded by Soros, Nor a bully, Not a harasser, Merely a grassroot activist who believes in international cooperation

Useful ignorants need not be consciously funded eugenist to serve globalist agenda. Tanja replied “cease and desist” on such issue. By July 2, 2020, she finally excused her XR association, thereby indirectly admitting she is the globalists’ girl:

The bullies who cry loudest know – for I told them many months ago – that I was part of XR Rebellion early on, but that I have since left. The picture taken was long ago when I was a steward at a local XR Rebellion march. I helped coordinate for I thought at the time that they would be awake to all pollution. They were not and still aren’t. I fought hard to get XR to ask Councils and Government to declare Environment – not one-eyed Climate – Emergency, but they would not. When I persisted I was subsequently blocked from their Facebook group (the local one) and I left, starting a separate Stop 5G group on the Isle of Wight.

On “antisemitism” and climate hysteria

Tanja’s admission was news to me. I rebuked:

All pollution is one, since the villain is one: the Jew bankster cabal in control of money, economy, technology. They shape and program our lives and lifestyles, commandeer us into scam-demic obedience, so why don’t they nudge us into truly environmentally friendly lifestyles, and reform their corporate and military practices — genocidal to Humanity and Biosphere. They can arrange zillions in own bailouts, but not even a mere call for remedies on Fukushimas they control by deceptive “dialectic”: Jew hydrocarbons (dirty) versus Jew nuclear energy (clean). So fighting anything of the whole is futile without naming the culprit.

Tanja’s “ethnic” slurs fired at me prove that she is Holocaust denier as the majority has suffered most, e.g. Poland lost 80% of intelligentsia and at least 6 million citizens. She is the real antisemite as she ignores accounts by the survivors of Jews murdered in Shoah by the Zionists. She is pro-Zionist for the same reasons and hijacks the term Holocaust (Nazi atrocities on over 20 groups) exlusively for Jews, a trick Judeocentrics devised to justify the Holocaust Industry and Religion, and the Zionist occupation of Palestine.

Neo-marxist Tanja opportunistically condones “climate change” ideology:

[S5GI] choose to remain credible in the Public’s eye as that is the main way to retain and gain public support. As you well know, the general Public are so brain-washed that it is hard to get through to them at all and screaming way-out there claims at them won’t help. Neither will denying Climate Change, for – like it or not – Climate is the mantra of our time.

Blaming people for “climate change” covers up the globalists, as does belittling those who name the villain: Jew banksters. Tiptoeing instead of exposing the cabal’s shaping public perceptions is complacency with the globalist agenda.

Scientist Arthur’s establishment bias

The Appeal reflects the mindset of its creators. Arthur denied that antropogenic climate change is a hoax: Piotr, I am a scientist. Global climate change is no hoax. He also sided with the establishment “science” in a debate involving Nobelist Olle Johansson and Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak, a researcher of TF independent of the official “science”. The exchange concerned the health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) versus those of EMF-generated torsion fields (TF). Arthur dismissed Dr. Wojrkowiak’s research off hand: “Torsion fields” are a complete and utter hoax. I pressed, he admitted his source is Wiki 🙂

Prof. Johansson concurred: Since I can not find any support for the faster-than-light communication version of the term torsion field, I must lay this discussion to rest, and adhere to Arthur’s short firm summary. Dr. Wojtkowiak replied:

No publication shows that electromagnetic field shield decrease biological effect. It is of course very simple experiment, and the problem is not about difficulty of testing, the problem is that the shields don’t work. It is not a good result for publication. […] There are almost no publications about biological effects’ dependence on distance from electromagnetic radiation source in laboratory conditions. The few studies showed very slowly decreasing biological effects with distance not expected for electromagnetic field.

There’re very many other examples of torsion field effects, but not for this short letter. I made hundreds of experiments with torsion field during ten years period. Some of them are described on my internet page. […] So, finally, it seems very good, you are convinced torsion field is hoax. You don’t know why people actually die of cancer. This is in good agreement with globalist depopulation plans.

Johanssen insisted on providing a peer-reviewed publication on TF. Wojtkowiak obliged:

I have only one on torsion fields: Спектроскопия частиц торсионного поля in: Журнал Формирующихся Направлений Науки (2018) номер 19-20 том 6, стр. 10-18. But FSB [Russian Federal Security Service] already controls that journal, in my opinion,  as my article has been provided with a discrediting review several pages long, probably to discourage me. […] The Polish version is a bit wider: Spektroskopia pól torsyjnych (Spectroscopy of torsion fields) and is about the workhorse of my activities. The review is only in Russian after being published on the Russian site. There are a lot of Russian publications in their various journals on the effects of torsion fields, most of them I do not have access to, just as not everyone has access to Polish scientific publications. 


I have not heard that scientist Arthur nor Nobelist Olle, both supposed anti-system scientists, have put together Diana’s spectroscope to replicate her 10-years’ research. Olle has retired, Arthur has his Appeal and CPTF. Diana lost her university position, is moving her private lab for the second time due to increasing interfence from torsion fields emitted in the vicinity.

By piotrbein