The psychological war on humanity: Cell phone

Source: CLEAR bulletin

The psychological war on humanity

by Bruce Orydzuk

Since the beginning of time, there have always been men who want to rule the world’s population by deceit, only to reap the monetary rewards from slavery. The plan has always been the same; acquire massive wealth to control the masses.

We have all been slaves to this system since we were born. Many of us have gained the knowledge from others who have exposed it all. We are very grateful to those who have risked it all to expose the truth and reality of the evil world we live in.

The war against humanity has always been around, it was just presented by different means over the past couple of thousand years. Every system in place has been created for those in power to control the global population by a form of dictatorship hidden under the guise of a democracy.

The Chinese Communist Party has exposed this dictatorship to the rest of the world by controlling the Chinese people in every way possible. China was an experiment in complete control, and if the CCP could get away with it without massive rebellion, this model could be used by others to take over the entire global population.

The Bilderberg group has been working on plans for a New World Order and One World Government for decades. Using the CCP model for total domination and global control of the entire world’s population, they worked on economic plans to create massive wealth for the Chinese Communist Party.

I saw this plan in action back in the early 80’s as the company I worked for opted to have Chinese companies create products we made locally, which took away work and wealth from Canadians, only to destroy our economic growth. Good quality North American-made products were replaced with low quality Chinese “knock-offs” and offered at lower prices. The system promoted “made in China ” which made the CCP more powerful by creating massive wealth using slave labor.

The CCP became one of the richest nations by producing poor quality products using the slave labor system. Most Chinese-made products are now known to be totally disposable as they have a very short life expectancy and not worth repairing, and all by design to fuel their ever-growing economy. “Dollar stores” popped up en masse all across the globe selling low-quality disposable products which helped create massive wealth for the CCP. China has conquered the electronic market, and all by design. We need to stop supporting “made in China” products.

Somewhere around the mid 1990’s the globalists came up with a plan for total global control, a complete takeover of society without the use of force. A plan so evil that most of the world’s population is still not aware of it today.

As most wealthy inventors know, if you can create, build and sell a product that everyone will be addicted to and can’t live without, you will reap the rewards of your efforts. If your creation is marketed as such a convenience to the masses with a high element of fun and adrenaline rush, you will ensure that nearly everyone on the planet will want one. It will become so addictive that nothing will deter owners from being without it, ever!

What if that invention, which happens to be the biggest addiction in the history of the world, was created for ill intent under the guise of convenience and fun? The reality is that the invention of the cellular phone was to be used against the entire global population to control you and your future. Updated versions have new software ready to be used against you when the time comes. These devices are not safe, they do not ensure your privacy, and in reality, are collecting data which will be used against you in the future.

Many tests have taken place to determine mass compliance over the last few years. The Pokemon App was a good example. Create an App to see how many would actually comply with the test to use the new game to determine how many cellular users would download and use the tracking device. The test worked, as we saw masses of brainwashed people falling into the trap of compliance. The novelty wore off, but the test was conclusive to mass compliance.

A similar test was demonstrated by the media establishments when they created the toilet paper scare in 2020 to see how many people would rush out and buy toilet paper amidst a fake pandemic without questioning why. These tests proved that people could easily be manipulated by nonsense.

The next tests were forceful compliance checks. The ArriveCan & Vaccine passport Apps were introduced to see how many cell phone addicts were willing to use their devices against themselves, and guess what, far too many sheep complied.

Unfortunately, the next App the globalists are considering will not be a test of compliance, but will be a mandatory necessity to function and survive in society. The digital ID and banking Apps will soon be reality if we don’t make an effort to stop this evil plan.

So, I ask all of you: are you willing to get rid of your electronic addiction immediately to save humanity from being controlled by the most evil demons on earth?

If everyone canceled their cellular plans and got rid of their phones, this would become a war we can win as they are not counting on this to happen. So, it’s time for all of you freedom fighters to actually make a difference and help fight the war by acknowledging that by owning a cell phone, you are complying and facilitating the globalist takeover.

Please do your part to save humanity from tyranny, it’s not only free, but think of all the money you will save from not supporting the corruption. Switch to a flip phone to maintain communication. We all lived without these devices before and we can do it again, even if it’s only until we take back our Country.

By piotrbein