NZ covidians’ intent on death & destruction: Discrimination, harassment of baby + Japanese professor: Billions of lives could be in danger due to cov-vax + Ignored by courts, lawyer publicises criminal case against Swissmedic, demands immediate suspension of vax + US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, EU: Secret gov. reports reveal at least 1.8 million people have ‘died suddenly’ since cov-vax roll-out + Scientists world-wide: Graphene, nanotech in cov-vax

NZDSOS Call on Health Services to Put Personal Beliefs Aside and Do the Right Thing for Baby Will

Discrimination and Harassment of Baby in New Zealand Shows There Is No Limit to Covidians’ Intent on Death and Destruction

Billions of lives could be in danger due to covid vaccines, Japanese professor says

Switzerland: After Being Ignored by The Courts, Lawyer Goes Public with Criminal Case Against Swissmedic and Demands Immediate Suspension of Vaccines

Secret Government Reports reveal at least 1.8 Million people have ‘Died Suddenly’ since the roll-out of the COVID Vaccines across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ & the EU

Dozens of Scientists around the World claim to have discovered Graphene & Nanotechnology in the COVID-19 Vaccines

By piotrbein