Cov-vax contamination or secrets? + Europe’s ‘mysterious’ surge in kids deaths: 30k more excess deaths by Oct. 2022 than at the 2020 height of the pandemic + UK gov.: Cov-vaxed kids up to 137x more likely to die than unvaxed kids + South Africa court orders gov. to release records of covid restriction implementation

Are Undisclosed Ingredients of Covid Injections Contamination or Trade Secrets?

Safe & Effective? – Europe suffered 30k more Excess Deaths by Oct. 2022 than it suffered during 2020 at the height of the Pandemic due to “mysterious” surge in Child Deaths

UK Government quietly confirms COVID Vaccinated Children are up to 137x more likely to die than Unvaccinated Children proving COVID Vaccination is causing significant numbers of deaths

Court Orders South African Government to Release Records Supporting Implementation of Covid Restrictions

By piotrbein