Canada: Medical Doctor Package for everybody — “covid” & vax info tool addresses hot issues

by Piotr Bein, December 9, 2022

Having researched the latest medical data around the “covid” conundrum, a Canadian group of scientists and healthcare professionals, the UNITY Health & Sciences Team have compiled useful resources for healthcare practitioners and the public. The UNITY movement comprises teams of volunteers specializing in business, health and sciences, and legal subjects, as well as organising events, all towards a self-declared end:

The UNITY Movement is a collective of people endeavouring to bring unity back to our community.

Medical Doctor Package

Knowing that it’s the imposed policies that are dividing us, not the people, UNITY actions are inclusive and make space for everybody. The Medical Doctor Package, updatable and catering to Canada’s four provinces so far, proves that the UNITY team don’t mince words. It is a data-driven material by the Health & Sciences Team that addresses critical issues affecting public health and well-being, as follows:

  • Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine and Known Adverse Events Data, released by court order and divided into two parts: Overall Adverse Events, and Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women (foetal adverse events, deaths and lack of safety data).
  • Efforts to Obtain Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data. Pfizer and the US government attempted to withhold this information until the year 2076.
  • Requirement to Report Vaccine Injury. For example, British Columbia (BC) healthcare professionals and facility administrators must report a negative change in a person’s post-jab health. Under BC law, this means potential serious penalties including up to $25k in fines or 6 months in jail, or both, for every day the offence continues.
  • Rapid Antigen Tests: Biohazards, Inappropriate Use and Lack of Informed Consent.

The question of ethics

UNITY Health and Sciences letter — to be considerately distributed by volunteers — asks the recipients a moral question that goes beyond the medical professional ethics regarding our governments’ course:

If policies were found to be harmful, would we still follow them?

The question hearken to the doctors’ oath to do no harm, the letter’s opening thought, common to medical professionals who clashed with the official narrative — fraudulent, mindless and insulting to free minds:

As health professionals, since 2020, we have been met with constantly changing, often contradictory instructions and
directives from our various authorities and organizations that are making it increasingly difficult for us to adhere to our oath to do no harm. We have been told we should trust the “science” and promote the idea of “safe and effective” without being given the source data and analyzed evidence to support that assertion.

Against the “health” tyrrany

Another precious resource from the group, also applicable outside British Columbia, is The Reference of Evidence Against the BC Public Health Order (executive summary, full doc). More than 130 pages long, the document deals with the main concerns and the evidence regarding BC’s covid-19 public health orders that proved overreactive, glaringly inconsistent and pseudo-scientific again and again.

An e-brochure entitled Covid and Wellness Resources links to immunity and treatment protocols, selected legal and advocacy groups, physical and mental health resources, and independent media.


About the Author: Ex-engineer and planner with a doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia, Piotr “retired” to his new passion: politics, social issues and history. A researcher, analyst, pubblicist and author on current issues he runs two blogs. He chose the opposition view from the plandemic’s start, which led to a sabotage of his blogs, singling out, targeting and terrorising by federal and provincial authorities in their political overreach.

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