Artificial womb to ‘reinvent evolution’ via genetic engineering & AI + UK: Air pollution as dangerous as covid, opponents to covid approach silenced, shady lobbying org official advisor to gov. + A third of jobs to disappear by 2030 + BlackRock and Vanguard under fire over ESG ideology + Exposure to 5G causes depression

Artificial wombs would “reinvent evolution” through genetic engineering and use artificial intelligence to monitor physical features

British public needs to reduce air pollution because it’s as dangerous as Covid, says Chris Whitty

iSage or indie-SAGE is a shady lobbying organisation that has been portrayed as an official advisor to UK Government

The weaponisation of psychiatry against critics of Governments’ Covid narrative

Matt Hancock thought those who disagreed with his approach to Covid were Mad, Dangerous, & needed to be Shut Down

A third of all jobs will disappear by 2030 – How safe is YOUR job?

BlackRock and Vanguard come under fire from 19 US States over ESG ideology

Exposure to radio frequencies within the 5G range causes depression, a new study finds

By piotrbein