Transhumanism will fail + WHO Pandemic Treaty: lies, myths & removal of rights & freedoms + COP15: Harmful instruments, false solutions, private interests + After Event201CovidPandemic: CatastrophicContagion simulated 2025 pandemic + Camel flu kills a third of the infected + Fascism: product of capitalism in crisis + Australia: Birdie defeats NetZero zealots

WEF Transhumanists will fail to hack humans because of the complexities of human nature such as free will

The lies, myths and billions of dollars being used to remove our rights and freedoms through WHO’s Pandemic Treaty

Harmful instruments, false solutions and private interests dominate at COP15

Fascism is the product of capitalism in crisis

Sequel to “Event 201 The Covid Pandemic” is called “Catastrophic Contagion” which simulated a pandemic in 2025

Our Hero – A little bird in Australia defeats Net Zero Zealots

Camel flu is killing a third of the people it infects – you know that’s true because corporate media said so!

By piotrbein