Rick Thomas: “Musk X: Epic Hubris”

Musk X: Epic Hubris


Without a doubt, Elon is a super troll. Or at the very least, the social media team, who design his tweets to enable maximum trigger effect have done a superb job. Following a minimalist strategy, Musk tends to use as few words as possible: “The coronavirus panic is dumb,” the Tesla boss tweeted in March of 2020, at the outset of the pandemic. His classic understatement went viral, racking up more than 240,000 retweets.

Musk X is a now a caricature of himself, much like Trump was for four agonising years of relentless social media mayhem. Trump’s social media manager, Dan Scavino Jr., accidentally tweeted from his own account instead of from Donald’s in October of 2017. He deleted his mistake, but not before some quick eyes caught the ruse:

Musk’s social media manager, Adam Kosary, portrays Musk as the Dark Knight, the lonely technocrat with superhuman powers and a cool bat suit. He broods from his dark tower surveying Gotham below. The burden of responsibility, (saving the poor plebes from other billionaires), weighs heavy on his nerdy heart.

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Musk spent most of his adult life behind a laptop screen, scribbling code and sucking on Red Bulls, instead of spending four hours a day in the gym like Batman.

Newsflash: Billionaires are not going to save us.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we should remember that the modus operandi of a sociopath is that he tells you what you want to hear, makes himself out to be your saviour, and then, rips you off. Donald Trump lured 80 million Americans down the garden path with his bellicose trollspeak. While the Dems were having a hissy fit over his daily inflammatory remarks, he funded and promoted the killer vaxx through Operation Warp Speed. And irony of ironies, the Dems ate the candy from the Orange Monster’s hand, and lined up to take the mRNA injection.

Now Musk X is exposing the big bad Democrats, except, the Twitter Files have not told us anything we did not already know: Twitter employees lean to the left and took advantage of their position to limit and/or delete accounts that were “spreading misinformation.” Hardly a revelation. Musk re-invented Twitter’s policy by proclaiming “the new Twitter policy is freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach,” adding that Twitter will demonetise and not promote tweets containing hate speech or otherwise “negative” content. Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.

Musk went full capitalist and asked Twitter employees to commit to a “hardcore” culture, where they are expected to work “long hours at high intensity,” or resign. And hundreds of them did resign. Musk intends to cut Twitter’s workforce in half and slave drive the survivors.

Musk is not the man of the people his social media manager describes — he was born into wealth in South Africa. Elon Musk’s father, Errol Musk had two children with his step-daughter and said publicly in 2018 it was “part of God’s plan.”

“My dad will have a carefully thought-out plan of evil,” Musk revealed his daddy issues to Rolling Stone magazine. “He will plan evil.”

He added, “You have no idea about how bad. Almost every crime you can possibly think of, he has done. Almost every evil thing you could possibly think of, he has done.”

Errol Musk reveals how the elites see themselves as modern kings: “I can’t see any reason why Elon should not have more children,” Errol declared. “The monarchies of the past thought nothing of having children — and they were all illegitimate. About 80% of them were illegitimate in Europe, you know — 20 or 30 children. You’ve got the money and you’re a king or something, why shouldn’t you?”

Musk started Space X with Mike Griffin, former head of the CIA venture capital firm In-Q-Tel Media that funded Facebook $13.7 million. Musk also partnered with cybertech guru Peter Thiel, owner of data-mining company Palantir. Thiel is also a CIA-connected technocrat who was put in charge of Operation Warp Speed, in order to ensure minorities got the vaccine first. Such an honour to be the guinea pigs for an untested, experimental gene-based injection with zero liability for the manufacturer.

Musk is obsessed with the letter ‘X’. His precursor company to PayPal was called X and he still owns x.com, whose landing page contains nothing but a single ‘x’ in the upper left-hand corner. Musk has said he has “a fondness for the letter X.” Musk’s company that bought Twitter is X Holdings II Inc. Musk even publicly refers to his first child as ‘X.’ The mother is Canadian musician known as Grimes, Claire Boucher.

Does Space X have any symbolic connection to Mutant X, the Marvel Comics series about a team of “new mutants” who possess extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering? The X chromosome and the Y chromosome in humans determines sex. Is there any connection between the gender mania agenda promoted by the mainstream media and Elon’s Space X?

Musk does have his hands in everything though. Or at least, everything that is on the to-do list of the cabal: Neurolink, tunnel machines, electric cars, satellites, digital banking and now, social media. Everything the elites are doing boils down to one thing: mind control.

Musk X is a psychological operation. There, I said it. His recent tweets trigger both the left and the right. Twitter also gives him a platform to promote the agenda of his CIA pals in a cool way that appeals to the conservatives. The elites swing the pendulum back and forth between the left and right in hypnotic fashion. The left and the right stay divided, at each others’ throats, and meanwhile the agenda of the elites moves forward. And speaking of agenda, it is almost forgotten that Musk’s Starlink is giving free communications to the Ukraine war effort at a cost of $20 million a month.

The elites control the debate. They decide what we are debating about. The current Twitter Files debate, engineered by Musk X, will go nowhere. No one will be arrested, nothing will change. Just a brief whirlwind of dust and smoke, and when the dust has settled, the elites will stir up a new whirlwind and carry on with their agenda.

“He came up with a plan to trick the townspeople, who by now were so desperately afraid of the world around them that they would believe anything.”

― Kevin Cripe, The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf: The Complete Story

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