Police on Guard for Thee: Cst. Grzegorz Pierzchala, Thank You for Your Service

Constable Gregorz Pierzchala, Thank You for Your Service

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Constable Gregorz Pierzchala, Thank You for Your Service

December 27th, 2022, marks the day Constable Gregorz Pierzchala’s career and life ended. Shot while upholding his Oath to Serve and Protect.
The offender out on bail for charges of possessing an illegal gun, assault a peace officer among other charges.
So, while our Prime Minister is focusing money and police resources on restricting gun ownership to law abiding citizens, he is loosening the reigns on those that choose to ignore the laws of our land.
Not hard to believe when our government is itself guilty of breaking the law, by violating our charter.
When will our government put police resources where crime can be prevented instead of sending police horses in to stomp on peaceful protestors?
How many more officers and citizens have to lose their lives before our politicians do what they were elected to do, Serve and Protect?
How are Police Officers supposed to do their job when they are not only battling the criminals on the street, but the establishment they are supposed to serve as well?
Thank you for your service Constable Pierzchala, RIP.

By piotrbein