Canada, Police on Guard for Thee: Police disciplinary decisions for resisting the “covid” mandates + Police officers donated to the Trucker Convoy + Dr. Bridle’s lawsuit against Guelph University + Fed employee lawsuit

Police Disciplinary Hearing Decisions

Dec 7, 2022 | BlogGeneral News | 2 comments

Police Disciplinary Hearing Decisions

Constable Clay Harnum and Constable Erin Howard were charged under the Police Services Act for various matters for speaking out against the Covid mandates.
We wanted to update the public on the outcome regarding these two members.

Constable Harnum was found guilty of one count of Discreditable Conduct and the penalty was forfeiting 60 hours pay.

Constable Howard was found guilty of one count of Discreditable Conduct and was demoted to Second Class Constable (from First Class Constable) for a period of 3 months.

We stand by these members who despite the consequences were willing to speak out against matters that not only went against the oath they took as Police Officers, but what they felt was wrong.

Thank you Constable Harnum and Howard


Police Services still investigating members who donated to the Trucker Convoy

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Police Services still investigating members who donated to the Trucker Convoy

Police continue to investigate fellow officers for donating to the Freedom convoy and we have now started to see charges brought against active-duty members. As the months have progressed, we are hearing of more members being questioned on their involvement.

To summarize criminology professor Michael Kempa, who teaches at the University of Ottawa, “At what point does donating to this protest become unethical or illegal.”
This is a very valid point as the fact is, rules for donations are the same for civilians as they are for the officers. Police Officers can in fact donate to any political cause they so choose provided it is not illegal. So how then is it that Police Agencies are charging Officers who donated to a legal cause?

The freedom convoy as reported on before was deemed to be a legal and lawful protest by a Superior Court Justice in Ontario. No doubt the timing of the donations is what the Police Services are relying on for their investigations. Both the City of Ottawa and the Province of Ontario declared “States of Emergency”, February 6th and February 11th respectively to deal with the convoy. The ruling by Justice McLean was February 7th and was only an injunction to silence the horn honking.

Kempa was also quoted as calling the donations inappropriate. In who’s opinions are they inappropriate? Obviously not the Court. Nor the Canadians who also donated or were supportive of the convoy.

So once again Canadians clearly see government overreach at all levels with no regard for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Not only Canadians but Police Officers who are sworn to uphold the Charter. These officers who choose to donate to a legal registered non-profit organization (Freedom 2022 Human Rights and Freedoms) are now subject to internal investigations from their own agency.

Police on Guard will always defend the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Will you stand with those officers? We do.

To read the article written by David Fraser with the CBC, click here 


Dr. Byram Bridle files lawsuit against Guelph University

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Government Emails Indicate Large Military Members Support of Freedom Convoy

Dr Byram Bridle, a tenured pathobiology professor, virologist, immunologist, scientist and academic, has filed a lawsuit against his employer, the University of Guelph, for their covid mandates and unfounded criticisms.

After bringing significant research funding for Covid-19 into the university, Dr Bridle has been outspoken with his professional opinions and results, criticizing treatment options and mandates.

Rather than supporting the findings of one of their own the university chose to damage his career. Restricting access to his offices and lab equipment left him unable to teach classes, recruit new students, continue his research, or acquire funding. They have publicly spread misinformation, damaged his reputation, and stalled his work indefinitely. Several individuals have been named in the lawsuit for their efforts to destroy his career, along with the steps taken by the university to back up their actions. He is seeking damages for lost wages, lost funding, and lost opportunities.

It is hard to understand why a renowned facility would spend the time, effort, and finances to recruit the best scientists for their curriculum and then throw them under the bus when their research doesn’t provide the results they hoped for. In science, there is no right or wrong outcome, only the unbiased outcome of research, peer reviewed and reproducible. Any scientist knows and accepts this as a potential in all research. It is the way of progress and understanding.

But this isn’t about science, it never has been. This is pure politics and manipulation, with an outcome worth billions of dollars to those pushing the narrative.

Dr Bridle isn’t alone in what he has endured, all at the cost of wanting to be honest, show integrity and warn us of potential risks. He should be applauded for these efforts, not degraded.

Dr Byram Bridle has found a new audience for his valued information. We stand for his right to speak, for his freedoms and his right to continue in his career. He fights for these rights for himself, but also for his fellow professors, his students, and all of us. We look forward to hearing more from him. Truth will prevail.

To read the Statement of Claim, click here


Federal Employee Lawsuit Update – December 2022

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