Coke & Pepsi politics: Lula & Bolsonaro

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Coke & Pepsi Politics: Lula & Bolsonaro


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On January 8th, 2023, an angry mob of protestors stormed the Brazilian federal buildings. Supporters of the outgoing president, Jair Bolsonaro, alleged that the 2022 Brazilian general election suffered from widespread electoral fraud causing Bolsonaro’s defeat. In an eerie echo to the January 6 Washington capital insurrection, Bolsonaro supporters claimed voting machine irregularities that the incumbent government flat out denied.

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“Those who by criminal means won’t accept, those who by criminal means have been taking part in anti-democratic acts, will be treated like criminals,” Supreme Court Justice Moraes said and ordered social media crackdown of “misinformation” and “conspiracy theorists.” Social media accounts were suspended and hundreds of posts were taken down. Fox News commentator, Tucker Carlson, weighed in claiming, “it was very clearly a rigged election.”

Truckers and protestors blocked 117 highways all over the nation and restricted access to Sao Paulo international airport, causing flight delays. Rioting ensued in Brasilia, cars and building were set on fire, and the Federal Police station was attacked. Protestors wearing yellow Brazilian t-shirts or waving Brazilian flags were labeled terrorists.

The 2022 election in Brazil could not have been a starker contrast of two political figures: The gregarious socialist Lula (Luiz Inácio da Silva) pitted against the militaristic conservative Jair Bolsonaro. The World Economic Forum loves Lula with obvious relish, and they have little sympathy for Bolsonaro’s right wing politics. And yet the WEF invited Bolsonaro to be the keynote speaker at the 2019 Davos meeting. Bolsonaro was greeted with thin applause and even less after his speech. Schwab had an awkward chat with Bolsonaro after his futile attempt to warm the crowd.

In contrast, Lula’s speech at the 2003 Davos summit was met with enthusiasm and warm applause. Bolsonaro is a nationalist who has made many less-than-tactful comments about women, gays and minorities. He’s been dubbed the “Trump of the Tropics” due to his similar style to Donald Trump.

And just like Trump, after being defeated in the election, he hopped on a plane and fled to Florida.

In his first presidency, Lula implemented an anti-poverty program, Bolsa Familia that was successful in pulling millions of the poorest Brazilians out of poverty. The program gave mothers $13 a month for each child as long as the child remained in school, and wait for it, was vaccinated.

Lula was from humble origins, a metalworker, who rose up the union ladder, organising many worker’s strikes. After winning the 2022 election, he is now serving his third term as president. During his first two terms in office, he undertook radical reforms, leading to growth in GDP, a reduction in public debt and inflation, and helping 20 million Brazilians escape poverty. Bolsonaro commented abrasively that Lula is a “devil who wants to impose communism on Brazil.”

The federal police launched an investigation in 2014 (Operation Car Wash) that implicated Lula and several others. Lula was arrested on charges of money laundering, and sentenced to nine and half years in prison. He served 580 days before being released and exonerated of all charges.

The presiding Judge Sergio Moro was later considered biased, after leaks were released by Glenn Greenwald in 2019. Lula’s imprisonment kept him from running in the 2018 election and enabled Bolsonaro to win. Judge Moro was suspiciously elevated to a higher position in Bolsonaro’s government.

In a recent CNN interview, Lula was asked on whether he would agree that the Amazon should be managed by the UN, Lula replied, without hesitation, that he agrees to transferring the Amazon area to a UN protectorate organisation. The reference has since been removed from the internet. He spoke at the recent COP27 climate event in November 2022 and reiterated, “There’s no climate security for the world without a protected Amazon … This devastation [of the Amazon] will be a thing of the past.”

For his own part, Bolsonaro opened up the Amazon to more deforestation. Bolsonaro is ex-military, who first made his name by publishing an article criticising the low wages of military officers. This earned him 15 days in jail. He is a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage and homosexuality, abortion, affirmative action, drug liberalisation, and secularism, which have not exactly endeared him to the left. Added to that, his policies of ignoring indigenous rights and opening up the Amazon rainforest to further commercial deforestation were gasoline on the fire of opposition from the left.

Bolsonaro is also pro-Israel, like his counterpart Donald Trump — he claims Palestine is not a country. He was considered the most pro-American president in decades, hoping to dramatically improve US-Brazil relations by cozying up to Trump, Bolton, Pompeo and other neocons. And similar to Trump, he reluctantly conceded victory to Lula, who won by the narrowest margin. Bolsonaro continued with Lula’s anti-poverty program and even expanded it.

Bolsonaro claimed that COVID-19 is no deadlier than the flu and that his priority was the nation’s economic recovery rather than the health crisis. Bolsonaro continually accused political opponents and the press of exaggerating the threat of the virus and called it a “trick created by the media.”

Contrarily, though he spoke out against the vaccine rollout, he agreed to the vaccination of children through the Bolsa Familia program. Is the program a gateway to get people conditioned to vaccinating their children? Despite his public statements that he would not be vaccinated, under his administration, 75% of Brazil were vaccinated by March 2022 with a combination of Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Sinovac and Janssen vaccines.

He criticised the Brazilian Health regulator at a business event in Brasilia, “Anvisa wants to close the country’s airspace now. Not again, damn it.” Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday that his government was against health passports but backed drives to vaccinate against Covid-19. In direct contradiction: “We support the vaccination efforts,” said Bolsonaro, widely criticised for his handling of the pandemic in Brazil where the coronavirus has killed more than 590,000 people. “However, my administration has not supported a vaccine or health passport or any other vaccine-related obligation,” he said in New York at the United Nations General Assembly, August, 2021.

The CIA was involved in removing Lula from Brazil’s political landscape, according to the admission of a Biden official during a White House press call. In July 2017, Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Blanco gave a speech at NATO think tank, the Atlantic Council, in which he bragged of the Justice Department’s informal involvement in Brazilian anti-corruption operation Lava Jato and its prosecution of former president Lula. FBI personnel involved later boasted that it had “toppled presidents.”

Just like the American capital two years ago, the Brazilian military and police neglected to dispatch adequate security, despite the obvious intel on social media that there were plans to storm the building. This makes one wonder whether both events were allowed to unfold, in order to provoke a crisis that could be used against the conservative nationalists. Considering the ultimate goal of the elites is to eradicate nationalism, it would seem probable that this was the case.

It would appear to be a game similar to the one Donald Trump played, appearing to be against the vaccine and in favour of freedom and rights. Meanwhile, the vaccine rollout carried on as scheduled. Trump even funded and promoted the mRNA injections through Operation Warp Speed. Then he took the vaccine and bragged about “saving tens of millions of lives.”

In a recent live interview with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly he got booed from the crowd. O’Reilly later said in an interview with Dan Abrams that Trump was apparently “hurt by the audience’s reaction, adding that he had to console the former president.” Wish we could pour some salt on his poor black heart.

The truth is the globalists have infiltrated all the leading nations at the highest levels, both the conservative and liberal wings. Forcing citizens to choose between Coke or Pepsi is not a real choice, neither is being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. This is not democracy, but instead, it is a system of control, masquerading as democracy. It is political theatre of the rudest kind, an Orwellian black comedy where the joke is on the people.

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