Nazi uniform bad, Jew uniform good + What’s Putin doing in Jewkraine

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Sat, Jan 21 at 10:37 a.m.

It’s OK for Jews to sport Nazi uniforms Jew William Shatner & Jew Leonard Nimoy – acting up  on behalf of the planet … Zeon…

Jewish community ‘in tears’ and NSW Premier Perrottet’s career in turmoil over Nazi uniform … Dominic Perrottet apologises for wearing Nazi uniform …

Having quite innocently ‘sinned’ with a nutzi uniform on his 21st,
the poor old Premier went with his mea culpa to the Jew Pharisees,
and the deeply embarrassed local Jew gauleiter readily gave him
an absolution.  That’s what the Catholic Church used to do – not so long ago.

But in what way is a Jew uniform – or a Judo-communist uniform,
for that matter – any better than a Nazi uniform?…

Judo-communists exterminated sixty six million Christians in Russia alone, not to mention WW2, which they kicked off together with Mr Hitler – and this greatest Holocaust is totally absent from the Jew Holocaust narrative.

Likewise, millions of Jews wore – and are wearing – the uniforms of
the criminal Jew apartheid that’s murdering, dispossessing and illegally imprisoning Palestinians every day of the year.

And no less culpable than the Jews wearing identifiable Jew uniforms are the Jews got up as ‘harmless civilians’.

In not so distant past, it used to be very well known both to the FBI and the Gestapo that about every Jew was a suspected Soviet spy.

And now virtually every Jew is a Mossad spy, as well as a suspected Soviet spy.   Even I, with my untrained eye, saw veritable hordes of the KGB kikenvermin in Sydney and in Melbourne.  As to the Mossad ‘sayanim’, if there are some Jews who aren’t, you would never know.

And last, but not the least, it’s not exactly the ‘Russians’ waging
a genocidal war against Ukraine, however well this label may suit
Comrade Putin – part-Jew and one-time KGB c@cksucker – but the same Judo-communist war criminals that terrorized Russia most of the 20th century.

Yes, a small proportion of the Russian population, thoroughly
criminalized, are nearly as culpable as their bosses.

The Russian conscripts, however – the cannon fodder – are no more in a position to exercise their free will than were the Russian serfs – before they were liberated from serfdom in 1861 by Alexander II, a great reformer, who, unlike the ‘Tsar’ Putin – stained by Jewdom, communism and sodomy – was a legitimate hereditary ruler, who instituted trial by jury in Russia along with many other progressive reforms.

Today In History: Alexander II Frees Russia’s Serfs (1861)
Alexander II  Emperor of Russia is to this day greatly venerated in Bulgaria as the Liberator, the Tsar who single-handedly freed this Orthodox Christian nation from the Ottoman yoke.

Iranian Shahed drones in service with Russia

Whatever the sales of Shahed UAVs to the Kremlin war criminals might be worth, the lives of the Iranian fighters under the Soviet ‘protection’ in Syria remain as worthless as ever, as the Jews are murdering them at will.

Before the invasion of Ukraine, the Soviet scumbags could have
easily prevented all of those Jew murders just by designating a Jew air exclusion zone around Syria – Jew flies Jew dies – but they couldn’t be bothered.

And now, after the protracted fiasco in Ukraine, they couldn’t even if they wanted to – and they never did.

The KGB and its number one fellatio performer Putin are so
deep into the incestuous bed with their Jew Mossad cousins as they would never be with their Iranian Islamic ‘friends’.  Allah not so akbar – not in the kosher Kremlin.

UK considering giving battle tanks to Ukraine

Elon Musk sparks heated debate on Twitter saying Ukraine shouldn’t use tanks against Russia

Kremlin says new Western armoured vehicles for Ukraine will ‘deepen suffering’ Judo-communist lies: pure Talmud

Bryan Kohberger: What we know about the Idaho murder suspect | The ...

Brian Kohberger – not known to be a Jew
Hugh Heffner wasn’t known to be a Jew, either…
Rupert Murdoch isn’t known to be a Jew, either…
Adolf Eichmann wasn’t known to be a Jew, either…
(The name Eichmann seems Jewish to some Germans)

Today in History: 7 September 1939: Reinhard Heydrich Orders Arrest of ...

Reinhard Heydrich was known to be a quarter-Jew 

Criminal contrasts

Any allegiance to the Peking regime on the part of the Chinamen resident in the U.S. and Australia is officially disapproved of – and may serve as a reason for dismissal from the public service or an academic position.

Likewise, any silly Islamist stupid enough to have travelled to an ISIL-occupied territory would end up behind bars as a matter of course.

With the Jews, however, it’s exactly the other way around.  Any homicidal Hymie can get aboard his Jew airline, fly over to the Jew-occupied Palestine and murder as many Palestinians as
he can spot with the scope of his rifle.

That’s the kind of a “shooting range” that the Jews set up in the Gaza concentration camp a few years ago, where they were welcome to shoot all of the Palestinian prisoners they could aim at.

And a horde of Jews gathered to cheer them on, as well – while having their kosher picnic.  And the organized Jews are still whining about what they call the “blood libel”.

So what happens to that homicidal Hymie when he gets back to the U.S. or Australia?…  Nothing at all. It’s the official position of the U.S. State Department that making any inquiries into the Jew war crimes is ‘anti-$emitic’.

Massive new Russian military aid to Israel-hating Iran; in serious denial (humor)  – John de Nugent


Iran’s Khamenei in ‘SS uniform’ and Syria’s Assad as ‘Luftwaffe’…
Putin is complimented beyond belief as a presumed ‘Jew-hater’.
(In fact, no one hates the Jews in Iran.  They’ve got Jews in their

But was Putin’s invasion of Ukraine entirely his own idea?…
Or was it impressed upon him by some not-so-Russian turd
parties that his record of KGB sodomy can only be expunged
by his pursuit of Russia’s ‘imperial greatness’?…

(E.g, the Propagandaführer Solovyov, a kosher kleptocrat with substantial offshore assets – yet to be frozen, as it appears.)

Likewise, was Stalin’s invasion of Poland – along with Mr Hitler’s – entirely his own idea – or that of the Jew Rothschild banksters concerned that Mr Hitler, their unwitting protégé, wasn’t game enough to invade Poland on his own?…

Had Mr Hitler not installed himself as the Führer of the Wehrmacht, as well – as he did – Comrade Stalin, not inconceivably, may well have ended up being exhibited at the Berlin Zoo.

Though, of course, that’s not what the Anglo-American Judo-Masons wished for.

By piotrbein