Trying to indoctrinate everyone, the left imposes divisive agenda on NYC’s workforce + Coquitlam, BC, Canada: Library drag queen story time

From: Bob Kordecky Sent: Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 10:37:25 a.m. PST Subject: Fwd: They’re trying to indoctrinate everyone

Left forces divisive agenda on NYC’s workforce
Through this “training,” every NYC worker will learn the importance of racial equity in the workplace, almost as if just requesting everyone to be kind to one another wasn’t enough.Basically, they’re trying to indoctrinate everyone into the belief that America was founded on white supremacy and the system is a faulty mess, aka the standard snowflake bullsh*t we’ve been listening to for the past couple of years.

NYC Employees Forced to Endure CRT Training – New Vision News


From: <> Date: On Monday, January 30th, 2023 at 10:28 PM Subject: Post-event questions to Director of Coquitlam Library Queen Story Time

Thank you for your interest and support in our efforts to question the Coquitlam Library Director about on Drag Queen Story Time in Coquitlam public libraries.  We hope that they will think more deeply about it before attempting to hold another similar event.  
If you have not yet seen, Rebel News reported on the event.

My friends and I requested another in-person meeting, but Marketing Manager said that he was tied up with meetings.  She asked us to write our questions and they would respond in writing.  After we emailed our questions last Wednesday, we have not received a response yet.  
If you are interested in some ideas that may inspire you to write your own letters to library directors, our letter is attached.
May you know true love and peace,

[Name requested withdrawn]

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On Saturday, January 14th, 2023 at 3:06 AM, <>:

Thank you very much for your interest in and prayers for this meeting with the Coquitlam Library Director.  I hope that this report/reflection is helpful for the advancement of truth and understanding.

On Wednesday, we went to meet with the Coquitlam Library Director who was accompanied by the library Marketing staff person. We asked the questions in the attached file named “Library letter 2” .  

When I set up my phone to voice record, they were adamant that I stop the recording, as they didn’t want any part of it taken out of context.  She wanted to respond in writing, which you can find in the attached file  CPL_Response to Concerned Citizen_Jan132023.pdf

In addition to her written statements, we got these spoken answers to our questions during the meeting:

3 – Children 13 years and under would need to be accompanied by parents.  At 14, children are given their own library card, so they could attend on their own. 

4 – For payment, they did not know the specific amount.  However, knowing that it is a controversial event, they had to hire extra security.  The RCMP will be attending the event also.  Anyone can request the funding amount after the event through a Freedom of Information request.

5 – For the most part, they were respectfully answering our questions.  There were a couple of times when they seemed to be defensive.  When we asked the question if the individual has had a criminal record check, they said that these are homophobic types of comments.  Our response was that everyone who works with children has to have a current criminal check, so we just wanted to see if this performer has had it.  They offered that the performer was recruited through a talent agency and they assumed that he has been screened, but they will follow-up on that.  In the written responses to our questions, she did not answer that question at all.

7 – They mentioned the words diversity, inclusion and equity frequently during the meeting. Their intentions are to address issues of marginalization and isolation.  The director said that seeing young people standing by themselves, lonely/isolated, he felt that he had to do something about it.  The marketing staff person experienced people in her hometown committing suicide because of their homosexuality.  We tried to responded empathetically.

One of us asked if they were familiar with the academic literature, mentioning the UBC professor co-authoring an academic paper about Drag Pedagogy.  We explained that the paper is about more than fostering acceptance of differently oriented people.

None of us said the word “grooming” through the whole meeting, but this was when she said, “it sounds like you are referring to “grooming.”  That is not what this Drag Queen Story Time is about.”  They did not want to have that discussion, stating that that is not their intention and that they are not academics.  They did not believe that Connie Smudge was exhibiting himself as hyper-sexualized.  They felt that the make-up and colourful clothing was equivalent to a clown costume.  

“So, why not have a clown read stories?”  We encouraged them to be creative to target other groups that are marginalized.

9 – This event was the initiative of one of the library staff before the pandemic.  They held their first Drag Queen Story Time last year with 70 people attending.   It was so popular that they decided to do the event again.

Any group can apply for the library to sponsor an event.  For the library to sponsor an event, the event has to be opened to the public and legal.  For every application, they will assess if it meets their goals and if the target population is large enough.  There are rooms that people can book for private meetings and events, but they do not get sponsorship by the library.

Our impression was that they are well-meaning people who have bought into the woke ideology.   They envision their role as providing a fun and playful space where kids can explore their differences.  They were not prepared to engage at a deeper level.

At the meeting, she invited me to the event on Saturday and offered to stand with me to watch the program, in hopes that experiencing it would allay my fears.  Subsequently, she changed her mind, as “This event has become rather large and we are expecting the room to be at capacity. We will not be able to allow you access to take part in the story time as we must prioritize the space for families who wish to attend. You will be able to view the story time through the glass windows of the meeting room from the library’s common spaces.”   I am not convinced that they are not allowing me into the room due to space limitations, but so be it.

Even if this conversation has not plant seeds of doubt, we have started a dialogue.   I hope to follow-up soon afterwards.

In this article about the event last year, the Drag Queen painted protesters as the haters and them as the loving ones. While disagreeing with their approach, how can we show love to the Drag Queen and supporters as people?

Join VCC families across Canada who are standing up for our rights and freedoms!

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