Putin’s ‘anti-Nazis’ & ‘antisemitic’ biography

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This wanted mobster 'killed enough people to fill a small cemetery ...

Matteo Messina Denaro e la biografia di Putin… 

The recently captured Cosa Nostra boss Matteo Messina Denaro who ‘killed enough people to fill a small cemetery’ is a great admirer of Putin

Wagner PMC ChVk neo-nazi mercenaries
The guys Putin sent to ‘de-Nazify’ Ukraine 

Death of a mercenary unveils the neo-Nazi roots of Wagner –
Wagner Group gruppavagnera.net

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Putin’s ‘anti-Nazis’

Putin’s early years – CORRECTIV 
“One of Putin’s most interesting operations as a KGB agent was his handling of Rainer Sonntag, a neo-Nazi and a small-time criminal known throughout East and West Germany.  Sonntag was recruited by [a Stasi agent] Georg S. in the 1980s;  this makes Putin responsible for overseeing control of Sonntag. …”  [KGB-controlled Stasi is widely known to have had West German neo-Nazi groups on its payroll.]

How Putin Helped ‘Nazify’ Modern Germany  
“Rainer Sonntag was a far-right vigilante. He was also a Communist spy.” Follow the Leader  – full text, long read

(March 2022)
Putin’s claim of “Nazis in the Ukrainian government” supposedly justified his invasion, but look who gets invited to Kremlin…

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Wagner’ in Kremlin

On 9 Dec, 2016, Dmitry Utkin, aka ‘Wagner’, the ringleader of the mercenary Wagner Group, appeared at a reception in Kremlin. Dmitry Utkin is a neo-Nazi and a former (?) GRU officer in the rank of a lieutenant colonel, though he is also known to have sported a tunic with a misappropriated insignia of an SS-Hauptsturmführer – a mere captain.

The name ‘Wagner’ is something of a modest euphemism.  Had it been up to Dmitry Utkin himself, he may well have preferred to call his outfit Kommando Adolf Hitler.

However, the Wagner Group is actually subordinated to the Jew Yevgeny Prigozhin, one of Putin’s most trusted henchmen.
Yevgeny Prigozhin has got a ‘service record’ of his own, having served nine years of a 12-year sentence for fraud, robbery and corruption of minors. And according to a Russian ex-convict that was seen on Youtube, while behind bars, Prigozhin was known as a homosexual prostitute.

Putin visited I$rael in 1967 at age 14

Almost no one in the Soviets could afford foreign travel, and, back in 1967, no one could get an exit visa, either, except for some of those few who had blood relatives abroad.  But, strangely, having those Jewish relatives abroad somehow didn’t prevent Putin from joining the KGB a few years later. Evil tongues say that he qualified as a KGB spy in the usual KGB way – by performing fellatios upon his KGB bosses – the bond of Sodom being the ultimate assurance of KGB loyalty.  No gay pride, however. Kremlin downplays I$raeli President’s words about Putin’s Jewish grandmother

Judo-communist cancer Syphiloma of the brain is said to have
killed Lenin, the Soviet Judo-communist messiah and the ideologically committed mass murderer, whose countless statues
still populate about every town square in Russia.

Imagine the Jews in I$rael honouring Mr Hitler in a similar way, even though there wouldn’t have been any I$rael without Mr Hitler – the Jew Rothschild banksters’ most effective cat’s paw.

How did Putin, a small-time KGB c@cksucker, get to be the Tsar – ‘President’ – of Russia?…  Simple. He was nominated for the job by the Jew Berezovsky, the most notorious Jew oligarch that used to manage the Yeltsyn family. Putin’s qualifications?…  He was Jew-friendly – that’s all.

The 70-odd years of Judo-communism suffered by Russia may be roughly compared with the third stage of Syphilis, in that, while communism may appear to have been dispensed with, the Moscow regime is still afflicted by the same old communist brain syphiloma, as poor old Russia was never really de-Sovietized.

And it’s this untreated ‘state Syphilis’ that mainly caused the invasion of Ukraine.  Although, some may well argue that, had the poisonous Jew neocons been gassed, this war may have never been triggered – nor several other wars.

The idea of Russia invading Ukraine would have been just as ludicrous as Sweden attempting to ‘repossess’ Norway, except that dear old Sweden was truly privileged not to have been subjected to over 70 years of paralysing ‘state Syphilis’ brought about by a Judo-communist coup [and the subsequent genocidal terror] bankrolled by the Jew Rothschild banksters.

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