The Rothschilds in Italy

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The Rothschilds In Italy
A country not yet born and already in the grip of speculation by the most powerful bankers  
By Pietro Ratto
In his new book, The Rothschilds In Italy, Pietro Ratto shows in a new light the events that led to the unification of Italy. The book is important not only for the knowledge of the past, but fundamental for understanding of the present. By what means and to what extent did the House of Rothschilds control the individual Italian states that, from 1861, were merged into the Kingdom of Italy usurped by the House of Savoy? …

How and why did England protect and finance the Expedition of the Thousand? [Garibaldi’s notorious Red Shirts’ violent takeover of the southern Italy] … And above all, how is it possible to continue to teach and study history without considering the enormous pressure that the thirst for profit of the large banking institutions like the one in question, have always exercised on the course of events?

The Other History Of Italy 
L’Altra Storia d’Italia 1802-1947 – Volume 1
L’Altra Storia d’Italia 1948-2022 – Volume 2
By Lamberto Rimondini

Who desired and financed the unification of Italy? Who were those thousand-odd men who (with Garibaldi) destroyed the Kingdom of Naples? … Who controlled financially and politically the Kingdom of Italy?  Who desired and financed Fascism? …  Who financed the Resistance in Italy? …

Honsik, Gerd: Freispruch für Hitler?

Acquittal for Hitler?
37 witnesses, including several Jews, a few Auschwitz inmates, as well as a communist French Resistance member Paul Rassinier, who was badly tortured and sent to Buchenwald, testify against the kosher legend of the ‘gas chambers’.  

(Click on the pic for more info in German) ‘Jews do not have a monopoly on persecution’ major paper complains on Holo Remembrance Day – Fox News
The headline says it all

Victoria Noodleman, Jew Occupation Government
RT (Russia Today)
Top US official hails Nord Stream 2 blast

The US administration must be “very gratified” that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is no longer operable, Victoria Noodleman said  – give it a miss! The war between the Russians and Ukrainians makes about as much sense as a war between the Swedes and Norwegians, who also used to be parts of one kingdom little over a century ago.

Even if this stupid KGB c@cksucker Putin was actually duped into invading Ukraine by some hostile intelligence agents, it’s still nothing other than a metastasis of the deadly Judo-communist cancer that was once again visited upon poor old Russia – this time in the shape of Putin’s criminal Soviet ‘brainwave’.

KGB criminality is ‘normal’ – from poisoning underpants to a fratricidal war, which is not to say, of course, that CIA criminality isn’t equally ‘normal’.  I was told so by the CIA itself – by way of an assassination attempt on the 2nd of August, 1990 – the day Saddam invaded Kuwait.

The Australian ASIO faggots quietly consented – with just one precondition: it must be an ‘accident’. In the event, I was ‘funneled’ through the traffic, and was the only one allowed to cross Parramatta Road from Annandale to Stanmore, NSW, where, at the corner of Northumberland Av & Corunna La, a blow-in Dutch assassin driving a CIA-borrowed wagon flew through a stop sign – and it’s only my bike’s failure to accelerate to the speed limit that saved my neck.

The wagon may have been owned by a someone involved with horse racing – and that makes sense, as the tips in fixed races are a perfectly ‘discreet’ way of paying off  street-level agents.  The closet queer FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover himself didn’t mind being so paid off  by the organized crime – “There is no such thing as Mafia!”  He often met at the races with Meyer Lansky – “We’re bigger than General Motors!”

RT (Russia Today)
Corruption scandal in Ukraine’s ‘International Legion’:
Why an Australian TV star is accused of stealing millions

Did the Soviet propaganda stumble upon some truth?

Video – Red Viburnum Thousands of Estonians Sing for Ukraine – 3:24

Video – Belarus rebel song Тінь Сонця спявае па-беларуску – 5:16

Video – Imperial Russia Song of Cavalry Cadets – 3:27

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