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PB: Laymen should not comment from their petty, populist perspective on big money involved in class action litigation. Similar bombasting was levelled against international corruption lawyer, Dr. Reiner Füllmich. Targeting the core of the evil, such individuals are worthwhile targets of our enemy.

One-sided, the article does not present Tanya’s, Kuntz’s, PoG’s and Rocco’s counters.

Given the persistent procedural errors by apparently experienced, intelligent Rocco, is it possible that we have here a sophisticated manipulation in order to discredit the Freedom Movement and its key activists and groups?

I am not a lawyer, but maybe out of economy, Rocco assembled claims against ca. 20 defendants (“half the world” in Rick’s “objective” journalism parlour) times statutory 20 pages each, total of ca. 400 pages. We alrerady know how biased if not corrupt the justice system is in Canada. Fresh example is the ruling in favour of neo-commie tyrant Trudeau re. invoking state of emergency against peaceful Freedom Convoy.

To me it suffices that Rocco was smeared as being antisemitic. Rick, the author, sort of approvingly passes this rubbish on to impress his audience. Let’s not forget we are dealing with the devil incarnate, the biggest genocide and medical scandal in human history. Thus a possibility:

6. Rocco was planted ormanipulated into thie situation by the secret service on behalf of the plandemic’s chief beneficiaries — banksters, oligarchs and Pharmafia?

Even though I asked Rick to cite his knowledge base, he has not demonstarted a thorough, objective  knowledge of the insidious bankster-corpo system — out of ignorance or calculated to keep silent around certain topics, to survive as a new blogger?

I followed rising star Rick until a few months ago I unsubscribed greatly disappointed. 

By piotrbein