What do Putin, Xi, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Churchill and FDR have in common?

From: Counter Bias, Thu, Mar 23 at 3:26 p.m.

What do Putin, Xi, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Churchill and FDR have in common?

You would have never heard of either one of them, had it not been for the Jew Rothschild banksters and their bankrolling of the Judo-communist coup in Russia in 1917, as well as their funding of the Nazi Party in Germany since 1928.

Churchill, a would-be bankrupt, couldn’t have kept his seat in Parliament, and was saved from bankruptcy by an agent
of the Jew Rothschild banksters.

Roosevelt got into the White House on the back of the Jew-perpetrated child murder. The organized Jews kidnapped and killed the baby son of Charles Lindbergh in order to make sure that this highly popular American patriot (who didn’t run, but could have been recruited) doesn’t become a President – and ruin their plans for the next world war.

This deadly Talmudic subterfuge wouldn’t have worked on a Jew or
a Mason, but it certainly did affect a decent American Christian Charles Lindbergh, whose mind couldn’t even fathom the true baseness of the ‘collective Jew’ – however Jew-conscious he may have otherwise been.

Even at the time, the Jew Israel ‘Isidor’ Fisch, an Ostjude
from Leipzig, Germany, was a dead give-away – overlooked,
however, by the Master Mason Norman Schwarzkopf Sr,
New Jersey’s top cop.

The Jew Fisch wasn’t involved by accident in this utterly bizarre
kidnap-murder, where money wasn’t much of an object – and
was never worth collecting, as the baby was already murdered,
clearly promising a sit-down in the electric chair to any
would-be beneficiary.

Unlike all other accomplices, the Jew Fisch, a terminal TB case,
was going to be shut up by his TB in the ‘cleanest’ possible way in
the nearest future, in any case.

And the Oberjuden let him leave the U.S. for the relative safety of
the Third Reich – with some $600 in his pocket – worth about ten
times as much in today’s money – not the kind of money usually
found in possession of a small-time crook, who was crying poor and was “given a sweater and ten dollars towards his passage to Germany” by his Lodge brothers. (JTA)

The Jew Fisch ‘safely’ died in his own bed in his parents’ house in Leipzig, by which time, of course, the crypto-Jew Roosevelt (Rosenfeld) was an undisputed master of the White House.

Who else would have green-lit Pearl Harbor?

“We must ask who owns and influences the newspaper, the news picture, and the radio station, … If our people know the truth, our country is not likely to enter the war.”  – Charles Lindbergh

Did Charles Lindbergh ever run for President?
He was an Activist

‘Plot Against America’ envisages an alternative historical timeline
where aviator and military officer Charles Lindbergh beat Franklin
Roosevelt in the 1940 elections. Based on [Jew] Philip Roth’s ‘best-selling’ book with the same title, the six-episode-long [Jew] HBO miniseries paints a ‘harrowing picture’ of a ‘dystopian society’
where anti-$emitic ideas are widely accepted.

What then does the Jew Philip Roth think of Pearl Harbor – or of 9/11, for that matter? 

“Pearl Harbor was necessary  to save the Jews from Hitler.”

“9/11 was necessary to save  the Jews from ‘new Hitler’.”

Look into the mind of the naked Jew – there isn’t any impenetrable Talmudic ‘mystery’ there.  The Jews’ criminal thoughts and criminal intent are on full public display.  You can even google them!

By piotrbein