GLOBAL ALARM Lead, mercury, uranium, neurological & sterilisation poisons in potassium iodide pills

PB: Now we know why the corporate controlled hysteria around potential nuclear explosion in Ukraine: fear mongering to force poison on unsuspecting parents and sterilise their kids.


Translation by Piotr Bein from Dr. Wojtkowiak’s email. Authorised by her.


Gdańsk, April 14, 2023

Diana Wojtkowiak  

Polish Information Medicine Society

ul. Diamentowa 3/30

80-028 Gdańsk

phone 600954458

Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobro

National Prosecutor’s Office

Rakowiecka 26/30, 02-528 Warsaw, Poland


  • President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda
  • Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki
  • Speaker of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek
  • Speaker of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki
  • Jarosław Kaczyński, President of the Law and Justice party
  • Mariusz Kamiński, Minister of the Interior and Administration
  • Maciej Wąsik, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Administration
  • Director of the Department of Civil Protection and Crisis Management of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Wojciech Radecki
  • Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski
  • wide public opinion

Notification of preparations for the crime of genocide against Polish children

This notification concerns Polish Ministry of Health order for the production and distribution by the of pills marked as potassium iodide, containing deliberately added toxins.

At the end of summer 2022, the Polish Ministry of Health distributed tens of millions of pills marked as potassium iodide. A successful experiment was carried out, costing taxpayers millions, to prepare for the administration of poison to most of the Polish children. The poison was distributed to all schools, even kindergartens, fire departments and pharmacies. Most parents signed a consent form to poison their children. One wonders why such an apathy of the society that it did not unequivocally oppose? The refusal should have started with the managers of state institutions when they received shipments of “Do not open” boxes. After all, mysterious parcels may contain bombs and must be removed, in accord with the provisions of criminal liability for leaving a package in a public place.

The parents should have objected to the administration of unknown substances without oversight by the family physician. The public security and safety authorities should have intervened from the very beginning, since the threat from Zaporizhia nuclear power plant 2,000 km away was very doubtful.

As for the potassium iodide or Lugol’s iodine solution, during the Chernobyl disaster we had a dilemma to administer or not to administer. I was doing my master’s thesis at the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Gdańsk at the time, and I had a small part in dispensing Lugol’s solution. We didn’t know much then, given no precedence of a big catastrophe. But the topic remained weighty. In retrospect, it was a futile operation for the short lifetime of radioactive iodine. Currently, US nuclear contamination agencies assume that the use of potassium iodide is limited to a distance of 32 km from a nuclear power plant disaster.

If I and many other people know it, the Ministry of Health must have known it before deciding to order potassium iodide pills. Public officers and mass media managers have kept silent about the unquestionable violations of public safety. Except for a few “incidents”, the public has accepted the following elements without a question:

  • The pills were not approved by the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products.
  • The office to which information on adverse reactions could be sent was not announced.
  • The full contents of the pills was not dislosed.
  • Parents were asked to sign consent to administering the pills, so they took the responsibility for the effects upon themselves.

In hindsight, the experiment was successful. Poisons are ready to be administered to children from thousands of local government institutions, with parental consent.

The experiment goes on. Communism collapse in the USSR in the beginning of the 1990s brought in its wake political change in Poland. Aided by the education system, the Internet and government institutions, Western advisers have been brainwashing the young to make them highly qualified worker to work for foreign corporations. Obedient, unable to think independently, devoid of civil courage and traditional ethics, the Polish youth was shaped in political correctness constructed by the academic circles on USA’s East Coast, precisely for creating a generation vulnerable to any manipulation.

This does not mean, however, that the deployment of the iodide pill adheres to the law in force in Poland, and the villains are free to go. According to Article II of the December 9, 1948, UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide ratified by Poland in 1950, the genocide crime isany of the following acts, apart from direct murder:
b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;,
c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part,
(d) imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.

From Article III we learn that, in addition to committing genocide, the following are also punishable:
b) conspiracy to commit genocide,
d) attempting to commit genocide,
e) complicity in genocide.

Let’s turn to the specifics of the allegation. Tests commissioned by the Bronimy Munduru [Polish uniformed services association] showed the presence of mercury, lead and sodium azide in the pills.

Follow up research carried out by me and my team used the unique method of torsion field particles spectroscopy, developed by me and dedicated to advanced scientific research. The method discovered more toxins in the pill, revealing the presence of sodium azide, lead acetate, radioactive uranyl acetate (uranium salt), iron selenate, mercury salt and the declared potassium iodide. Pills made by two Polfa Tarchomin and Pharma GmbH (an Austrian company with Polish roots) on the Ministry of Health order contained exactly the same set of toxic additives

The toxic content of the pills of two manufacturers is therefore not accidental and is related to a specific order from the Polish Ministry of Health. The appendix presents the full results. Pill samples from the two companies were provided to me from four sources by, among others, the Polish Association of Independent Physicians and Scientists. Quantitative measurement of toxins has not been made, as torsion field particle spectrometry cannot quantify. However, the amounts can be considered significant relative to the content of potassium iodide.

The research showed that separate crystals of uranyl acetate and lead acetate can be distinguished. The pills distributed in Poland can;t kill, having a mass of ca. 200 mg, but we can expect disturbance of bio-clocks for the the presence of mercury, uranium and iodine, contributing to infertility and causing health deterioration in the presence of chronic diseases, incl. neurological (sodium azide is a strong neurotoxin).

Based on information received, similar crimes may not have been perpetrated in other countries. If in some countries, e.g. in Finland, potassium iodide pills were distributed only to pharmacies, parents were not asked to sign.

So the Polish government went ahead in preparing for the depopulation of its own society, in line with the now undisguised intentions and actions of the globalists intending to eliminate the bulk of the world’s population, also undertaken by the European Parliament. This reveals the backstage of the depopulation activities that will be carried out, and in fact are already taking place, considering 200,000 excess deaths recorded by the Polish Central Statistical Office in 2020. Everything is and will be done with our Polish hands and financed from our own taxes. It will not be the Germans nor the Chinese who will murder us, but the venal government pseudo-elites.

In October 2022, I have notified the General Prosecutor’s Office on an attempt to legalize genocide under the guise of forced medical treatment through the “Population Protection and Natural Disaster Act” (UD 432) when it was processed. Strongly opposed by various institutions, it waits for an opportune moment to get approval in an altered form without publicity.

Toxic pills in schools is only a part of the government’s actions regarding alegations against persons in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior and Administration, a piece of a whole of successive poisoning of society, e.g. with graphene I found in insulin, intravenous fluids, and recently uranium in flu vaccines, which are now available by prescription in Polish pharmacies. It’s is just the tip of the iceberg, as out of a dozen or so suspected drugs my colleagues and I have tested, 90% contain toxins unrelated to declared contents.

I am asking the National Prosecutor’s Office to:

  1. Initiate prosecutorial proceedings to determine the guilty parties for the order to produce potassium iodide pills with the addition of toxins, and distribute them to schools.
  2. Transfer samples of potassium iodide pills confiscated from packages distributed to schools, for testing by labs (preferably the military) independent of the corrupt globalists. In any case, the samples mustn’t come from the directors of the companies that produced them. Polish MP Grzegorz Braun placed an order for and obtained them from the companies, thereby ridiculing himself as a naive, trusting politician. There is no doubt about the presence of the toxins listed above, but the results from laboratories accredited by the relevant state institutions are needed for the legal process.

Attachment: Report on the study of “Potassium Iodide” pills

Kind regards,

Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak

(president of the Polish Association of Information Medicine, member of the board of the Coalition Polska Free from 5G)

By piotrbein