GLOBAL ALARM Soon in your country: Organized e-torture in Poland

Translation by Piotr Bein from Zofia Filipiak’s email. Authorised by her.

April 21, 2023

From: Association STOPZET — Stop Organized Electronic Torture

Słowackiego 23A/25 m 15, 87-100 Toruń, Poland

To: Minister of the Ministry of Interior and Administration and Coordinator of Special Services

2A Rakowiecka, 02-591 Warsaw, Poland


President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda

Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki

Speaker of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek

Speaker of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki

Jarosław Kaczyński, President of the Law and Justice party

Maciej Wąsik, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Administration

Director of the Department of Civil Protection and Crisis Management of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Wojciech Radecki

Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak

Minister of Digitization, Janusz Cieszyński

Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski

and public opinion – media, associations, activists, etc.

Re. Notification of organized crime in the Republic of Poland

Pursuant to Article 19 of the June 14, 1960,Code of Administrative Proceedings (2022 Journal of Laws, item 2000), STOPZET notifies the Minister of the following illegal practices used on Poles, while law enforcement response is absent:

  • mind control technology,
  • tests of directed energy weapons,
  • gang stalking.

We expect an immediate response to the above facts of genocide, and also replies to questions that remain unanswered .

In March 2017, a police officer at the Warszawa Śródmieście [Warsaw Centre] police station informed the victim of persecution with V2K [Voices-To-Skull] gang stalking technology that what happened to her was with the consent of the highest authorities, as people selected for persecution were marked as ‘suspected’ or ‘convicted’ and therefore they face such a fate.

After receiving this information, we asked the National Police Headquarters and the Prosecutor General to explain these facts, due to the persecution reported to us and the lack of any criminal charges against the perpetrators, and the complete lack of reaction from the local Police Headquarters throughout Poland as to who and for what purpose uses such precisely targeted persecution.

We have never received a reply to the STOPZET letter in this matter, neither from the Police Headquarters nor the Prosecutor General.

On June 16, 2020. for the third time we notified the Prosecutor General and the Minister of Justice, Zbigniew Ziobro, about the above crime. The addressees failed to take appropriate;y investigate and end this criminal practice in Poland. On June 15, 2021, we queried all deputies and senators about:

  • Protecting civilians from attacks by directed energy weapons,
  • The appointment of an Investigation Committee to explain who is behind the surveillance and persecution with various operational methods, leading to health disorders and loss of life of Polish citizens.
  • Our proposal to bring to Poland physicist Dr. Bari Trower, a specialist in microwaves, in case the deputies and senators do not have the appropriate knowledge in this topic and symptoms in this type of attacks.

The lack of response to our appeal shows absence of interest, not ignorance of the organized persecution subject.

The above experiments were confirmed by the Minister of National Defense in 2016.

A Newsweek article describes the symptoms of victims associated in STOPZET, following a protest in front of the Sejm in 2016 and a statement of the Minister of National Defense at Father T. Rydzyk’s college in Toruń. We have notified all state institutions (President, Prime Minister, Ministry of National Defence, Prosecutor General, National Police Headquarters, deputies, senators) about the practice of genocide and torture, following a confirmatory statement by the former Minister of National Defense, Mr. Antoni Macierewicz, at the Toruń college in 2016.

Another irrefutable proof is a confirmation by the National Center for Research and Development in their report defining a strategic program “New armament and defense systems in the field of directed energy”, where the Assumptions to the projects in Competition 1/PS/2014 state on pages 13 and 14:

“When it comes to the use of directed energy weapons, there will be a requirement to conduct appropriate research and tests. In the countries where the technology of non-lethal weapons was developed, it was necessary to conduct tests on people. Also in Poland, it will be unavoidable, despite the fact that there are no appropriate legal regulations yet.

The Military University of Technology scientists describe in detail the symptoms reported as electromagnetic by injured Poles (“New technologies and devices of electromagnetic destruction in the electronic warfare field”, page 2):

The second factor of microwave destruction is non-thermal radiation. The direct action of microwaves on a person causes neurotic symptoms, pulse disturbance, tingling of arms and legs, rapid fatigue,

The addressee institutions are supposed to guard our peace and security, and protect our constitutionally guaranteed rights, while obeying international laws. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in Poland. Is anyone concerned about eliminating a large part of the Polish population?

Based on information from the victims and international publications (e.g. E. Snowden), it seems that these are tests and experiments of secret weapons. Various types of persecution have also been going on in Poland for several decades. A detailed analysis of the assembled documents, incl. expert opinions on examination of victims’ homes, confirms the fact that selected Poles have been persecuted psychologically or physically in various ways for several decades.

Irradiation targeted at their apartments causes severe burns and various diseases, incl. cancer. Remote-Neural-Monitoring system monitors their brainwaves and influences their behavior, emotions and thoughts. Psychiatrists wrongly classify V2K as schizophrenia, since the apparatus emits “voices in the head”.

Another crime is persistent gang stalking, which very young people simply cannot stand and commit suicide. Articles about strange sudden deaths appear every day. Even entire families of those murdered die without third party involvement, according to the prosecutor’s office.

After repeated notifications by STOPZET for seven years, and several decades’ reporting by thousands of individuals of their traumatic experiences to local representatives and the central authorities, we have not seen any legal step to end these persecutions.

So far, no one has launched actions aimed at ending these military-medical experiments on Poles. Despite the requests sent to deputies and senators, no one has appointed a committee of inquiry into this matter. No one is trying to protect us from this deliberate, directed radiation. Tests are carried out remotely in secret, constituting uncontrolled terror and sadistic torture of citizens. We are simply doomed to a slow and planned death!

Our problem is also the s.c. “Havana Syndrome” of US diplomats and soldiers, matching our symptoms as mind control victims and described by Polish Newsweek in 2016: insomnia, skin redness, tinnitus, memory issues, confusion, inability to concentrate, nausea, internal organ damage, cancer incl. leukemia, depression. These are just some of the symptoms, and doctors can’t explain this damage occurring in a matter of minutes. The US Senate committee took care of it, but nobody cares in Poland. New Brunswick has been noting similar symptoms.

There are already extensive discussions all over the world, what’s next for neurosciences. What’s next for neuro-laws and neurotechnologies aimed at citizens in purportedly democratic countries. The following material concerns public debates on the issue:

None of Poland’s state authorities responded to the allegations. When they did, it was evasive or off-topic reply. Have all the rulers been mentally pacified, or is there another reason for their inaction in response to the dramatic fate of compatriots?

The Episcopate and the Primate were also informed about this problem. Our May 13, 2021, open letter remains unanswered.

In the first place, we expect an immediate exclusion of all victims from unjust persecution, cruel torture and sudden deaths. STOPZET expects an answer to previous questions, and amends them with queries to the Special Services Coordinator as follows:

  • On what basis were the targeted individuals (TIs) and personality profiles selected? What was considered in particular? What features were decisive?
  • Time periods the singling out was done.
  • Who has a complete list of the TIs?
  • Who oversees e-harassment?
  • Who supervises the physical harassment, coordinates the work of the stalkers in the field?
  • Who is mandating the blocking of legislation on illegal irradiation and chipping?
  • Who orders killings (“disable target”)? We have cases of sudden deaths of people complaining about persecution’.

Having carried out scientific research, Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak notifies the chief state institutions on other genocidal crimes against Poles and their children.


Zofia Filipiak
President of STOPZET

By piotrbein