VICTORY! Virology lost in court

Victory in Court! Virology Indefensible → Case Against Marvin Dropped 

Wed, Apr 26 at 8:38 a.m.

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A small victory for NEXT LEVEL – a big one for the people ❗️

In short: Our spokesman Marvin Haberland won the process as expected, in which the court dropped the case and assumed the costs.

The subtleties in it are the great victory:

a) We went into this process without a lawyer

No lawyer wanted to defend us by supporting our strategy. So we didn’t have any legal fees. So it works without it.

b) Our strategy is direct and clear

It aims to clarify the lack of scientific knowledge in virology in court, as Paragraph 1 of the Infection Protection Act requires it.

c) We have shown that the measures based on an imaginary virus are not justifiable and unsustainable.

d) As has been shown, no complicated strategies are required, no 400-page indictments. Only the basis must be attacked.

e) The possible avalanche effect

If many people followed our reasoning, either all fines would probably be stopped, or someone would go to the next instance, where the scientific nature would then have to be clarified.

f) Our strategy and expertise, as well as the non-rebuttable motions of evidence, were well known to all involved, both the judicial apparatus and the many staff who we contacted throughout to make it clear that we look forward to the trial. Perhaps this was also one of the reasons why our process was constantly being postponed and unclear statements were made by the employees.

Particularly important:

If the court, the state and others knew something that would allow them to make a legal example of us with regard to our requests for evidence, they certainly would have done so. So they obviously used the simplest “escape option” and simply stopped the process.

A notice:

We get our chance, we don’t give up. Virology will get huge problems, we are sure.

We would like to thank all supporters who have the courage to do the right thing. YOU ARE WORLD CLASS ❤️🙏🏻

🎥 Here for the interview after the trial (incl. survey of the trial observers)

Virus in court – Marvin’s court hearing

Supported by almost 100 spectators, Marvin’s trial at the Hamburg District Court took place on April 26 in Hamburg, which was supposed to bring down the whole virology. See what we experienced here.

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