Jay Couey: Fake “virus isolation”, fake “sequencing”, no SARS Cov2


Fri, May 5 at 8:00 a.m.

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The online version of this email is here: Jay Couey admits no-virus people are right about fake “virus isolation”, fake “sequencing” and no SARS-COV-2, yet clings to 4 imaginary endemic “coronaviruses”.

A document authored by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich was recently posted online, outlining a “covid” legal strategy. In this article, Reiner referenced Dr. Mike Yeadon (who has moved on from the covid “virus” hypothesis altogether) and a presentation which Reiner considered “brilliant” and “scientific”, from a man who acts as science advisor to RFK Jr. and Children’s Health Defense, Jay Couey.

Reiner also included a summary of alleged covid-19 facts, based on Jay’s presentation. In this summary, the “SARS-COV-2” narrative has been dropped entirely, admitting that there was no such thing. But, the summary does involve 4 imaginary endemic coronaviruses that are supposedly everywhere and detected by the tests that don’t test for a virus (as David Icke has so accurately called them).

The password for accessing Jay’s presentation is: oa7=JU48. I watched it, and found that at the outset Jay admitted that he was only presenting a “hypothesis about 4 (imaginary) viruses (not science). Jay also admitted that no-virus people are “largely correct” and “not wrong” in our objections regarding fake “virus isolation” and fake “virus sequencing” / metagenomics.  And he admitted that all-cause mortality patterns fit the no-virus reality. (But for some reason this realization is “frustrating” for Jay. It seems he would be happier if there were more of a “need” for a “virus”. Maybe this has something to do with his boss?)

It’s frustrating because this is what gives the no virus people so much ground to stand on…”

“First of all, I assume that the protocols killed about everybody. It’s hard for me to need any virus at all. When you do the real math, and you say, take away all the explainable deaths first, very little left for a real virus to have done. And I think people like Denis Rancourt and others have really come to that conclusion with the math.” 

Yet at the same time, Jay asserted that the narrative of no-virus and that the protocols caused all the deaths (which isn’t actually what most no-virus people say) is “dangerous” because it somehow enables the whole thing to happen all over again.

Maybe Jay has been working a little too hard like Del Bigtree, because this of course makes no sense. The no-virus reality is that there was no reason for anyone to have been tested or taken any sort of “measures”, 2020 should have been life-as-usual, and the phrase “covid-19” ought not even exist. Because there was no science showing a virus, or a new disease, or contagion. This is the exact opposite of enabling the whole thing to happen again.

Stranger still, Jay spoke of “influenza viruses”, “adenoviruses”, “clones of viruses” and “synthetic viruses” as though these things really exist. He made claims about “4 endemic coronaviruses” that supposedly exist but lack pandemic-potential, as well as “SARS virus”, “SARS-COV-2” (claiming “its” genome has been found intact via nanopore sequencing – which he also stated several months ago to Eric Coppolino but never followed through with the promised evidence). “On this background we have been enriching and growing and finding and doing whatever with Coronaviruses, and they’ve been released over and over again, and increasing in the background that nobody’s cared about. It is on this background that the pandemic occurred.” 

Jay even claimed that PCR tests are “hot” for “endemic/seeded coronaviruses”, calling them “crazy specific“. I certainly don’t want to misinform anyone, so I wrote repeatedly to Jay and Reiner asking Jay to please share or cite the evidence he relies on for these many claims about “viruses”. Dr. Mike Yeadon, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mary Holland were copied, in order to keep everyone in the loop. Despite several attempts between April 15 and April 27, Jay has never responded.

A “respectful” exit? Analytical chemist Saeed Qureshi reviewed Jay’s presentation and commented:“I could not believe what he was saying. He is completely (100%) in agreement that the pandemic and all related paraphernalia (virus, COVID-19, spread, mortality, PCR, etc., have been false or used falsely)…“… he implies or accepts that there is no virus. Still, he cannot and will not say it because it will ruin his credibility and career, like everyone else in the area and the subjects of virology and immunology. However, without saying it, he has accepted it very clearly.“From the beginning, I have been saying clearly and loudly that there is no \/irus, no ***demic, and nocine. Immunologists, virologists, and medical experts are realizing this now.“He is saying it in a way to have a “respectful” exit. Typical virology style – describe things in a confusing and convoluted way. He knows the flaws and lies about the virus/virology and getting out of it. I doubt he will continue on the “virus track,” the way he described the “science” in the presentation.”

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