Pfizer & Moderna concoted deadly cov-vax + In less than a year 1M Germans died of IAIS + CDC: Cov-vax increased cancers & AIDS-associated shit 338x + Cov-vax, ADE & immune system + UK: care homes midazolam murder ghettos with thousands ‘cov-deaths’ + Cov-lies sustain medical gold rush + Covid = mass mind control + Gates co-owns Pfizer + CDC altered death certificates to hide cov-vax deaths

Government Reports prove Pfizer & Moderna purposely manufactured Deadly Batches of the Covid-19 Vaccines

German gov.: Pfizer lied & 1 Million Germans Died in less than a year due to Covid Vaccine-Induced Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

CDC confirms COVID Vaccination caused shocking 338x increase in Cancers & AIDS-Associated Diseases

Global Alarm: Governments: link cov-vax, ADE & immune system degradation

Covid lies are needed to sustain the medical gold rush

CDC is caught fraudulently altering Death Certificates to hide COVID Vaccine Deaths

By piotrbein