Climate engineering: severe effects on weather, food supplies, biodiversity & health + Kerry crumbles under CO2 facts + Chemtrails, morgellons & climate monkeying + MSM bunk: ‘hottest day for 125k years’ + Psycho-tactics for ‘covid’ yrs before to foster ‘climate change’ narrative + New cache of emails: Climate Change Fraud + Climategate2 psycho-pseudo-science

New cache of emails: Climate Change Fraud

What do climate engineering and Morgellons have in common? Chemtrails

Kerry crumbles when confronted with FACTS on Co2

Climate engineering is already having severe negative impacts on our weather, food supplies, biodiversity and health

Psychological tactics used for Covid began years before to foster the FALSE “Climate Change” narrative

No Evidence to Support Mainstream Media Claim of “Hottest Day on Earth for 125k Years”

By piotrbein