NewNormal: people and standards have declined + Low interest rates trapped people into huge debts & how else the global cabal destroys us

The “new normal” has snuck up on us; people and standards have declined

By Tessa Lena

If we look around, we’ll see many working-age people struggling with basic tasks, and a great decline in standards. The corporate media is suggesting that one in every ten people who’s had “omicron” ends up with “long covid,” which nowadays seems to be the establishment term to describe all chronic illnesses, as well as injury from “vaccines.” The official rates of autism and dementia are also growing at a pace that is incompatible with a functioning society, and so the “great resetters” are in a great hurry to replace us with bots and “save the day.”

The suffering and the decline in health are very real and heartbreaking. Mainstream medicine, on the other hand, is in decline – preoccupied mostly with selling establishment talking points and Pharma drugs.


How They Are Destroying Millions of Lives

By Vernon Coleman

Interest rates were kept absurdly low for years in order to trap businesses and homeowners into acquiring huge debts.

As interest rates race up towards normal the cost of servicing loans and mortgages becomes impossible. Millions who bought overpriced houses and flats will become penniless slaves – forever doomed to pay off lifetime mortgages, student debts and mounting credit card debts while finding themselves in a constant fight against inflation – a fight they can never win.


Comment by raj patel 1 hour ago

Vernon Coleman can be quite negative – personally I would like to hear of solutions – they don’t have to be all encompassing and therefore not achievable – but smaller steps that people can take such as talking to local people about the challenges in a friendly manner, paying by cash, don’t buy from Amazon, don’t use paypal, avoid social media, leave your mobile phone at home sometimes etc. all of these actions make a difference, objecting to 15 minute towns/cities, ULEZ etc. educate local people as to how it will negatively impact them.

By piotrbein