The global cabal’s “climate” agenda

“Boiling Ocean” Update: Florida Sea Temperature ‘Record’ Drops 15°F in just 48 Hours
Last week, the BBC reported that seawater along the tip of Florida had exceeded “hot tub” temperatures of 37.8°C (100°F) in recent days, “making it potentially the hottest ever measured”. The Guardian was in fine alarmist form noting that the Florida recording posed a threat to human food supplies and the livelihoods of those working in the water. Similar hysteria was to be found across most of the mainstream media. Alas, curiously missing from all this excitable coverage was a note that just 48 hours later the temperature plummeted to around 85°F.
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Mainstream media are now clearly in the grip of a climate catastrophisation mania where activists scour the world for any unusual weather event or recording. Normal reporting standards seem to have been abandoned in the rush to scare populations to comply with the collectivist Net Zero agenda. 
The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Great Global Warming Swindle is a documentary film that suggests that the scientific opinion on climate change is influenced by funding and political factors, and questions whether scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming exists. The film presents scientists, economists, politicians, writers, and others who dispute the scientific consensus regarding anthropogenic global warming and asserts that man-made global warming is “a lie” and “the biggest scam of modern times.Read Here

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Other Billionaires are Funding a Quest for Rare Minerals Buried Beneath Greenland’s Ice Capable to Build Electric Cars and Renewable Batteries

People criticized the projects by saying that they are “hypocrites.” The comments from the Newsbreak app best summarize it.
One user said, “Let’s see, electric cars to save the ice in Greenland…and we have to dig under the ice using diesel powered engines to get the materials to make the batteries for the electric cars…and in the process, they destroy the ice, that they are trying to save in the first place. Makes total sense.”
Mining companies, investors, and billionaires like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, and others are funding an exploration for precious and rare metals and minerals buried beneath Greenland’s ice that can be used to build electric cars and renewable batteries, according to Business Insider.

13 Nations Agree to Abolish Farming to ‘Save the Planet’
EU Times
The global climate cult is getting ready to kick its war on food into overdrive with 13 nations – many of them major cattle and food-producing states led by the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Spain – signing onto a commitment to place farmers under new restrictions intended to reduce emissions of methane gas.
What does this mean and why should you care? This article breaks it down.Read and Watch HereWatch and Read Here
Energy reality vs. energy propaganda4 decades of global warning lies
Contrary to headlines claiming we’re rapidly transitioning away from fossil fuels it’s just not happening. Two decades and five trillion dollars of governments “investing” in green energy and we’ve barely moved the needle. This was supposed to be easy. Why is it so hard? In a word: rocks.  Bombshell Study: 96% of Climate Data Is Fraudulent
Most of the panic-inducing claims of a “climate emergency” is based on “96% fraudulent data”, according to a bombshell new study. Veteran meteorologist Anthony Watts of the Heartland Institute recently concluded the massive study on the weather and the climate in general. Watts had travelled around the country inspecting meteorological equipment and studying historical weather data from around the globe.Watch and Read Here
Geoengineering; it’s not what you think it is. How commercial airlines are changing our weather, what’s really in jet fuel, and the real cause of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Jim Lee returns for another eye-opening conversation with Reinette Senum about geoengineering; what we think it is versus what it really is.This conversation is a game-changer around understanding what is at risk, the perpetrators in the air, and our role in the changes over our heads.You probably haven’t heard the term “Earth Radiation Management“, but get used to it because it’s happening all around us.Watch Here
Jim Lee of ClimateViewer Takes on the History of Geoengineering
One hundred years of Man vs. Nature, geoengineering gone wrong, Texas stole California’s rain, and US commercial airlines are making clouds & priming America for a hacking catastrophe.The renowned Jim Lee takes Reinette down memory lane of the last 100 years of geoengineering, plus a whole lot more.In this interview, we explore….The extraordinary amount of cloud seeding programs throughout the Western US and its weather implications.How one gets that “comforting” feeling knowing that NATO controls our jet fuel “standards.” What could possibly go wrong?What the exponential rise in commercial flights means to us, our health, and that of the biosphere and more…..Watch HereThe most extensive research on Geoengineering and Weather Modification experiments worldwide, with articles, maps, and timelines to fully expose the hidden world of Weather Control.
Jim Lee is tracking The Climate Changers, Pollution, Privacy, and Propaganda with over a decade archiving the history of Weather Modification and Geoengineering.Visit Climate View NewsVisit Jim Lee’s Website To View Entire ArchiveView Treaty – E103819
Agreement Between Canada and the United States of America Relating to the Exchange of Information on Weather Modification ActivitiesRead Here
SNP admits to felling 16 million trees to develop wind farms

Almost 16 million trees have been chopped down on publicly owned land in Scotland to make way for wind farms, an SNP minister had admitted amid a major drive to erect more turbines.Mairi Gougeon, the Rural Affairs Secretary, estimated that 15.7 million trees had been felled since 2000 in land that is currently managed by agency Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) – the equivalent of more than 1,700 per day.The Hidden Bloodshed Of EVs, Cobalt Mining, & Modern Slavery (w/ Siddharth Kara)| Change Agents Ep2
Siddharth Kara is a Visiting Scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health and holds a law degree from London’s BPP Law School. He’s the author of numerous books, including ⁠Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives⁠. He is an expert on modern-day slavery, human trafficking and child labor.Watch HereMust Watch LOOKING FOR CLUES in the CANADIAN FIRES
Robert Brame is a forensic arborist who has analyzed 38 California fires and has come up with hundreds of photographic evidence of IMPOSSIBLE normal fire behavior. Let’s use this information to help us look for CLUES in the CANADIAN fires to see if the same anamolies exist. Watch HereMust WatchGravitas Plus: The dark side of Electric Vehicles
Are Electric Vehicles really clean?

They run on dirty energy and blood of children as young as 6. Electric cars drive human rights abuse and child labor. China is one of the villains in this story. Are electric car makers equally guilty too? Watch HereWatch Here
Residents are employed by large multinational companies, or in smaller, and more dangerous artisanal mines.

We meet the men who clamber down dark weaving airless tunnels to extract cobalt for as little as $150 per month. But is the paycheck worth the health risks that doctors have uncovered? Must WatchToxic Cost of Going Green | Unreported WorldUnreported World investigates the dirty business of cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mineral is fueling the planet’s green revolution, but at what cost? Around seventy percent of the world’s cobalt is mined in the Central African country, mostly from the southern Katanga area, thought to be one of the ten most polluted places on earth.
Reporter Jamal Osman travels to Kolwezi, a city dependent on supplying Cobalt, a critical component for electric cars and rechargeable batteries.
‘Fire! Fire! Fire!’ The Perplexing, Deadly Electric Bike Problem. 
Malfunctioning lithium-ion batteries in the increasingly popular form of transportation have been linked to numerous explosions, blazes, and deaths—and little is being done to reduce the dangerRead HereHealth Canada issues lithium battery warning
E-mobility device battery fires are increasing across North America, Health Canada said, and they can be deadly. U.S. statistics from January 2021 to November 2022 show at least 208 e-mobility fire or overheating incidents. These resulted in at least 19 fatalities involving e-bikes, e-scooters and hoverboards, the agency said.Read HereWatch HereMonopoly – Follow The Money
This informative video was made 2 years ago and worthwhile to watch again. It gives an overview of what is currently happening in the world in just 1 hour. The video shows the modern global systems, and focusses on the situation in the Netherlands. We believe though, that people from all over the world will recognize this situation. 

The Climate Change Story Told by Ice Cores“The problem is that we – and I agree completely that we had a global temperature increase in the Twentieth Century- Yes. But an increase from what? Probably an increase from the lowest point we’ve had in the last 10,000 years. And this means that it will be very hard, indeed, to prove whether the increase in temperature in the 20th Century was man-made, or it’s a natural variation. It would be very hard because we made ourselves an extraordinary poor experiment. We started to observe meteorology at the coldest spot in the last 10,000 years. “This is the most important climate change clip you will ever watch – and only 4 mins long. Watch and judge for yourself.Jorgen Peder Steffenson, from Niels Bohn Institute Department of Geophysics:Watch HereRead and watch their videos here CO2 CoalitionProviding the facts about CO2 and climate changeCO2
Coalition is the nation’s leading organization providing facts, resources and information about the vital role carbon dioxide plays in our environmentTHE HIDDEN TRUTH ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING AND THE PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD | THE CLIMATE CHANGE BIZ BOOM
Watch HereGlobal Crisis. Our Survival is in UnityInternational Online Forum Global Crisis
The green agenda is falling apart before our eyes. The deception is being exposed. People around the world are beginning to see the absurdity of using alternative energy sources to the detriment of the traditional ones. More and more people are learning the Truth! At the International Online Forum Global Crisis, scientists expose the lies in the green agenda and reveal other causes of the climate cataclysms.Watch HereRead HereHot Air: No Global Warming for Eight Years
Recently published data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows that there has not been global warming for the past eight years. And NASA satellite data reportedly confirms that evidence, showing no global warming for eight years and five months, according to JunkScience’s Steve Milloy. But leftists are quick to warn people against drawing the obvious conclusion that the world isn’t about to become a burning ball of fire.Must Watch 97% GLOBAL WARMING CONSENSUS EXPOSED BY DR. TIM BALL (REST IN PEACE)
Josh Sigurdson talks with Dr. Tim Ball, PhD about the vast propaganda forced on the public via the media and the government regarding climate change (or global warming, or global cooling, whatever it is this week).
Dr.Ball who was a professor from the geography department at the University of Winnipeg and is one of the leading voices against the anthropogenic global warming fear has been studying climate for half a century and has published multiple books on the subject, investigating why this propaganda is shoved onto the populace and what it will lead to.
Having debated people like Elizabeth May, Dr. Ball is a wealth of information on the subject. He debunks the 97% consensus which he points out, if there’s a consensus it’s not science.
This all goes back to the United Nations, the IPCC and The Club of Rome with Maurice Strong, Gro Harlem Brundtland and others plotting to restrict industry, create a problem, a reaction and a solution and force the populace into complete dependency which we are seeing today with the green agenda.
Of course government is the world’s biggest polluter and they have the nerve to tell us how to live with crippling taxes and regulation with very little to no understanding of the ramifications and real world problems.Watch HereWatch HereMust Watch DR. TIM BALL: THE DELIBERATE CORRUPTION OF CLIMATE SCIENCE
This interview with Dr. Ball is 2 hours long and is well worth watching right to the end.Dr Richard Lindzen exposes climate change as a politicized power play motivated by malice and profitVeteran climate expert Dr Richard Lindzen made a name for himself before the fundamentally flawed field of climate science that we know today was invented. In an interview with the pioneering atmospheric physicist and former emeritus professor of meteorology at MIT, he recounted events that occurred in the 1980s, which gave birth to the all-consuming climate change narrative that prevails today. Having begun his research on climate change in the mid-70s motivated by a sincere interest in understanding the Earth’s climate regimes, Lindzen’s assessment of the various elements paraded as scientific evidence of an impending climate catastrophe is remarkably sensible.Watch HereWhat’s particularly revealing from his recollection of events is how complicit the media and politicians have been in forcing the disastrous climate change narrative upon an unsuspecting and trusting public from the very beginning.Read Here CSIS warns ‘smart city’ technology could open door to attacks, foreign interference
OTTAWA – Canada’s intelligence service warns that technological innovations adopted by municipalities could be exploited by adversaries such as the Chinese government to harvest sensitive data, target diaspora communities and interfere in elections.

Climate physics w/ Professor William HapperWatch Here
Princeton Professor Emeritus in Physics, William Happer, discusses the impact of CO2 on the Earth’s climate and the state of modern science. What is the scientific evidence on the relationship between CO2 and Earth’s climate? Does CO2 drive the Earth’s temperature, or does temperature drive CO2? What does the fossil record tell us about the state of the world’s climate in the past? Is current warming unprecedented? Why don’t scientists study the evidence of prehistoric forests in the Arctic, and what it implies for historical temperatures? Why is there little focus on the enormous benefits of CO2? What is the evidence for CO2 driving ocean acidification? How much better are scientists today from the scientists involved in the Salem witch hunt? How does politicization affect science, and why does Professor Happer think that the more policy-driven a field is, the less trustworthy its conclusions are?Agenda 21 – Rosa Koire – Behind the Green Mask
“Behind the green mask UN Agenda 21” Rosa Koire was the executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute. Impacting every aspect of our lives, UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is a corporate manipulation using the Green Mask of environmental concern to forward a globalist plan. Rosa was a regular speaker across the world before her death in May 2021. Her website has much information. Her book, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21 is available on, Kindle, and Nook, and at her website.Watch Rosa’s Presentation Here
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