BRICS will change the world for the globalist cabal + Neo-marxism: WHO & UN are sexualising children to normalise paedophilia + Fauci promotes the use of ventilators to treat covid, despite admitting over a year ago they harm + The Kissinger report & US gov. policy to depop the Planet

Will BRICS Change The World? [see comments by Karakorum on Putin’s speech]

PB: Putin, bankster’s crypto-boy, graduate of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders school. A KGB-trained super-agent, does he not know both “climate change” and the plandemic are hyper hoaxes to force Agenda2030 followed by NWO, with 90% depop in a couple of generations from now?

BRICS is not a new regional union like the EU — it is much more. Under the guise of more humane, “multi-polar” world, Tsar Vlad Putin seems to be the motor driving global cabal’s agenda. Despite his Stalinist-like propaganda of dystopian Bright Future, the savvy among us recognize the same, ages-old dialectic: thesis “West”, anti-thesis “East”, both under the cabal’s control, will struggle for a better Humanity with a synthesis unchanged” world under the cabal;’s control.

WHO and UN are Sexualising Little Children Worldwide to Normalise Paedophilia

Anthony Fauci promotes the use of ventilators to treat covid; despite admitting more than a year ago they do more harm than good

The Kissinger Report & U.S. Government Policy to Depopulate the Planet

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