Dr. David Martin: The globalist cabal is DEAD + Why’re there so many fires

Dr. David Martin: DON’T FEAR the Coming Lockdowns… the Cabal is Already DEAD

PB: Dr. Martin impresses as if the Republicans weren’t capable of implementing any designs of the globalist cabal — wjhat are the “USraeli” wars for demoncracy then, invariably under the tenures of both US parties? Tsar Vlad Putin would not waste his words for the globalist agenda at the BRICS meeting, if GreatReset, more plqndemics, 5G, 4th IndustrialRevolution, AI, transhumanism etc wet draems of the Schwabs of this world were doomed to fail soon.

Why Are There So Many Fires? Dr. David Martin Unveils What He Thinks Is Behind It

PB: Dr. Martin makes sweeping conclusions based on 3 places burning currently in the world. Talking about the “govt’s” appropriating land is naive, as all govt’s are under the globalist cabal’s control, incl. the local ones.

By piotrbein