Dr. Ana Mihalcea: Nano tech structures in unvaxed person with long covid

Nano Technology Structures in an Unvaccinated Person with Long Covid – Is Vaccine Shedding a Possible Contributor to Long Haul Symptoms?


JUL 24, 2022

Photo: Shimon’s blood

In this groundbreaking interview, I discuss with independent Researcher Shimon Yanowitz his blood findings after having a toxic exposure with vaccinated people and falling severely ill with eventually persistent “Long Haul” symptoms. Shimon has a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Both Shimon and I have experienced particularly severe and life threating acute symptoms with presumed Covid as well as severe Long Haul with debilitating neurological symptoms. We discuss our recovery journey and thoughts on causing factors.

For people who do not know what Covid shot shedding is, please read my article here:

“Shedding” – Understanding Self spreading vaccines in the Setting of Novel mRNA Technology

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“Shedding” – Understanding Self spreading vaccines in the Setting of Novel mRNA TechnologySince the rollout of the Covid19 shots, many people have seen and experienced unusual symptoms. The term “shedding” has been used a lot and fact checkers have supposedly debunked the idea, because there is no alive virus in the mRNA gene product. In the conventional medical understanding, shedding has been found after vaccine administration in different …Read morea year ago · 23 likes · 33 comments · Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

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Nanotechnology, Vaccine Shedding and Long-Haul Symptoms – Blood Analysis of an Un-injected

This is a picture of Shimon’s blood. Apart from abnormal Rouleaux formation, what is that rectangular shaped object in the middle of the picture?

Shimon also analyzed injectables from Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and Astra Zeneca. He showed that after incubation the nanostructures in C19 injections have self-assembly properties. He discussed this with Researcher Sasha Latypova – please click on this link:


These are some of the self-assembly nanostructures found in BioNTech injection after incubation at body temperature:

Comparison of Shimon’s blood particles and self-assembling structures of a Pfizer BioNTech vial.

Pictures 1 and 2 are Shimon’s blood, Picture 3 is Pfizer BioNTech vial.

Picture 1(Shimon):

Picture 2 (Shimon)

Picture 3 (Pfizer BioNtech)


In our video Shimon and I discuss our thought about the possible mechanisms of ongoing toxicity causing Long Haul Covid symptoms and ask the question about – what exactly is being shed and transmitted from the Covid injectables. Many scientists presume it is the spike protein. However, some adverse reactions of for example unvaccinated women coming in contact with a vaccinated person can lead to uterine hemorrhaging within minutes. Could the signal producing such symptom be more electromagnetic in nature? We know that one photon that hits the retina can initiate 100.000 biochemical reactions. Could it be nanostructures? An open mind to assess the many ways that we can be affected will help us find broad solutions.

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