[updates] GLOBAL ALARM Hostinger platform abuses blogger, attempts to censor undeniable truths falsified by Israeli gov’t, Kremlin, Der Spiegel & others

Piotr Bein <piotrbein@yahoo.com> To:Hostinger Abuse Wed, Sep 20 at 1:13 a.m.

You have not proven TOS 5.3 violation. Alleged antisemitism, denial, insulting of or sympathizing with public entities don’t promote terrorism or property violation.

I will sue Hostinger if no substantiation follows for the slurs. I will travel overseas, and will have limited access to internet. Should Hostinger suspend my blogs, I will also sue for depriving me of:

(i) livelihood, 

(ii) supporting documentation, published/stored on my blog for gov’t tax incentive program,

(iii) family ancestry docs and history under prep in my blog editor, and under continuous review by my family, 

(iv) cache of my research purged by terroist entities from legal platforms and publishers, and constatly used as references by myself and by readers of material referring to them as scientific background for my opinions, 
(v) compensation for stress, anxiety and time wasted in this harassment.

Who accused me under 5.3 for killed-by-plandemic-psychos-my-blog-kicks-ass-anew? It’s not on the critic’s list. 

Below are my comments on the Judeocentric fanatic’s terror smacking of neo-marxism, “woke” signalling and sympathy with the criminal Judeocentric cabal responsible for worldwide massive crimes agianst Humanity. Like a drugged fanatic, the critic suggests CounterBias disguises Judeocentric jewel names  I$rael, anti$emite and Holoco$t to be unseen by a Jew “radar”.  CounterBias is well known and open in his mailmgs, even amateurs can read in his fact-laden pieces that he is “antisemite” and “hater” of everything Judeocentric LOL

Begin comments …………..

In the next few comments separated by the critic with “—-“, the Judeocentric moron attributes to CounterBias’s words to me, even though from a legion of my writings it’s clear I neither deny Zionist-Nazi Holocaust on more than 20 groups nor hate anybody. Independent leading genocide researchers agree that neither the gas nor 6 mln hypotheses are true to the dot and can’t be proven nor quantified precisely. Some documents are still kept secret in German and Russian archives — for whose benefit the public should ask.

In the meantime Judeocentric force the hypotheseis as absolute truth more and more forcefully, while blaming Holocaust victim nation — Poles, for building/operating the death camps and extermination of Jews in Shoah!

At the same time they demand restitutions for Nazi and Soviet-stolen or -ruinerd Jewish properties of pre-war Poland that has long ago been properly compensated for.  The moron critic knows nothing and understands zero about these Judeocentric abominations and the Holo-swindle Business, but offends us Poles also for this chutzpah.  See below: baraki-z-auschwitz-do-izraela 


Hitler’s worst mistake: He didn’t gas the Jews If he did, we would have never heard either of the ‘heroic little I$rael’ or of the big bad ‘Holoko$t’ with its technically impossible ‘gas chambers’ [Holocaust Denying, Anti-Semite, Jew Hating, Israel Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2013/12/04/counterbias-zio-quotes-censored/

An indisputable proof of gassing by zyklon gas is missing for Auschwitz – Birrkenau death complex. The Judeocentrics appropriate the name and site of Auschwitz (old Slavic Oświęcim in Polish) exclusively for their Shoah victims who actually were transported to Birkenau nearby. Auschwitz  was reserved for Poles, Soviet POWs and other non-Jew victims. Over the years, Judeocentrics have gradually ousted Poles from paying tribute to Polish martyrs murdered in Auschwitz and took the place as if it was exclusively their own.  Gassing with automobile exhaust is cited for Sobibór death camp. The gassing hypotheses are as disputable, however, as the sacred “6 million” Shoah victims. Belying Shoah and appropariation of terms Auschwiitz and Holocaust (more than 20 groups beside Jews) injures the memory of many more non-Jew victims of the Zionist’Jew bankster/German Nazi villains.   

Hitler’s worst mistake: He didn’t gas the Jews   So-called “Holocaust” Never Happened! [HolocaustDenying,AntiSemite,JewHating]  https://piotrbein.net/2013/09/22/counterbias-hitler-as-hamlet/
In this 2013 post, I did not yet apply the later practice of comment intrusions. I am correcting this omission today.  CounterBias’s material is silly about gassing the Jews and questioning the “Holocaust” (CounterBias yields here to Judeocentric trick of conflating all victims into the Jewish group.  It’s not absolutely certain gassing was absent, there were many other killing methods, incl. famine and disease in ghettos, and the victims were innocent Jews rather than the Zio-Nazis and colaborating Jews in death camps and ghettos, the global Zionists who went along with the bankster plan of innocent Jew extermination for refusal to colonize Palestine. The masterminds banksters are still untouchable;  CounterBias can make threats till he drops. He also errs by generalising to all Jews, incl, any innocents, the prey in Shoah. 


Jewish propaganda has never produced a single incontrovertible proof of the gas chambers.[Holocaust Denying, Anti-Semite, Jew Hating, Israel Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2016/11/26/jak-to-tam-panie-z-tym-z-hitleryzmem-bylo/


the Jew Rothschild banksters’ funding of the Nazi Party – KGB-originated the “six million gassed Jews” figure[Holocaust Denying, Anti-Semite, Jew Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2020/01/30/putin-joins-the-revisionists/
I added a comment today: PB, Sep 19,2023: In the whirl of Jew plandemic fraud, I missed commenting on CounterBias BS in this post. The “6 million” has a tradition in Jewish hasbara to exagerate for whatever Judeocentric goal matters at the moment. See here for examples of use of this magic figure by Judeocentric trickery.

Judo-communist cancer   Imagine the Jews in I$rael honouring Mr Hitler in a similar way, even though there wouldn’t have been any I$rael without Mr Hitler – the Jew Rothschild banksters’ most effective cat’s paw. How did Putin, a small-time KGB c@cksucker, get to be the Tsar – ‘President’ – of Russia?… Simple. He was nominated for the job by the Jew Berezovsky… Putin’s qualifications?… He was Jew-friendly – that’s all. The 70-odd years of Judo-communism suffered by Russia may be roughly compared with the third stage of Syphilis […] had the poisonous Jew neocons been gassed, this war may have never been triggered – nor several other wars. genocidal terror bankrolled by the Jew Rothschild banksters. [Holocaust Denying, Anti-Semite, Jew Hating, Israel Hating]

Link missed by the critic, should be https://piotrbein.net/2023/02/07/putins-anti-nazis-antisemitic-biography/ 

Judeocommunism WAS like a cancer or syphilis for Russians and Eastern European peoples. What does the critic know about it from his “smart” phone controlled by Jew oligarchs of “social” merdia.  I have ample evidence that Putin is the Jew banksters’ boy, e.g. he killed a million Russian citizens in just a year of the fraudulent Jewish “covid” plandemic and resultant “vax” bio-weapon genocide. His speech to BRICS summit reps speaks of fulfilling Jew bankster global sustainability goals (with the jewel anthropogenic climate change hoax) etc. trickery to reach extreme Jew NWO rule. Russia’s central bank like the Western ones is poreparing for digital currency that, with AI and 5G supported by Putin for years already, will enslave Russians he declares he protects from the Western oligarch predation. 


the fable of the Nazi holocaust that supposedly killed 6 million Jews (a statistically impossible feat) [It was not a “fable” – it was real!! [Only a Holocaust denier would call the holocaust was myth, a fable. There’s nothing statistically impossible in the number of Jews who were tortured to death by being gassed by the Nazis, except in the sick mind of a Holocaust denier].

The notion of the holocaust is a fiction by Jews as we will see later.
the outrageous claims that 6 million Jews were placed into mythical ovens in concentration camps during World War II – or that any were cooked at all. [HolocaustDenying,AntiSemite,JewHating]  https://piotrbein.net/2013/08/12/a-pictorial-history-of-the-worlds-governments/

On the source blog in 2013, and again on my blog re-print. I commented re yarmulkas in the pics as a proof of anything but yarmulka on a head. Is the critic blind of hatred for me?
Re “fable” it is obvious in my writings what I believe the Holocaust was; certainly what he/she insunuates are NOT my opinions!. The critic is blind of misplaced hatred for this “White supremacist and Hitler sympathizer”. He/she may as well hike to never ever land. 


I$rael, Holoko$t, anti-$emitism [the website is changing the spelling to stay below search engine radars because he knows his holocaust denying is criminal, and his anti-Semitism and hate mongering is against every ISP/Host’s terms of service]

Yawn… Not only offensive and infactual, but also delusional is the critic. CounterBias is so obviously anti-Judeocentric in his frequent and overt email bulletins that it takes a blinded fanatic to suggest ducking a Jew radar; USrael’s NSA stores all emails — does not the “critic” know?  How much effort did it take the critic to “bust” and by which Jew tech? LOL

The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos, in order that the earth should become the inheritance of Israel.
As to the Holohoax [the website contends the Holocaust was a hoax! He denies Holocaust was real]
since the predominantly atheist Jews religiously believe in those ‘technically indescribable’ gas chambers… ‘foundation-extermination myth’

I also call it Holohoax for stated reasons of hijacking the term for atrocity on over 20 groups, concealing Jew bankster and Zionist villainy on tribal brethren, mythical Anne Frank and fake stories by psychos like Wiesenthal and other spinners, lampshades made of Jewish skin, purging non-Jew victims from Auschwitz memory — just to mention a few of a multitude Judeocentric lies and manipulations as numerous as in Jew “covid” plandemic, the biggest ever genocide considering long-term effects when the nanobots, distributed in jab bio-weapon and environment, will be triggered with 5G/6G to kill, sterilize and maim congruently with Jew Bill Gates smirk “Plandemic 2.0” and Jew “philantrope” Elon Musk’s transhumanism via neurolinks to Jew AI-controlled satellites.   

A single-pronged rejection of the Holo dogma appears to provide the kosher swine with more grist for their cannibal mills, apart from letting them devour those unwary truth-seekers ensnared by their Talmudic ‘vilification laws’.   the Nazi Party was generously funded by the Jew Rothschild banksters [Not true]

True also about  cannibal mills and devouring truth seekers as we see in present case against this blogger.   

it must be pointed out that, in effect, those putative gas chambers were conceived of – and paid for – by the Jews themselves. [Blaming Jews for paying for the gas chambers, which in other writings he denies they even existed]

Who financed the incomparably bigger infrastructure of killing the more than 20 Holocaust groups — Eskimos, Dwarfs did?

Apparently, the Jew Rothschild banksters regarded their lesser brethren, the small-time Jews, as ‘communist vermin’ who deserve to be gassed, unless they volunteer for their colonial project in Palestine. those legendary gas chambers really existed? it’s the Jews themselves, even if the prime culprits were the Jew Rothschild banksters, as well as the Soviet Judo-communist mass murderers. 

The Jew banksters are the source/supporter/custodian/planner/user of the communist ideology, Christian Zionism, Muslim Wahhabism, as well as National Socialism (Nazi), present “Ukrainian” neo-Nazim, and the capitalist scheme, just like most any of the ideologies, incl. neo-marxism for “dialectic” divide and conquer for NWO absolute Judeocentric tyrrany. 


[Holocaust Denying, Anti-Semite, Jew Hating, Israel Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2020/09/01/the-salisbury-poisonings-kgb-bares-its-arse-tv/
OK then, everyone say “Yeah!!! Long live (insert any of the above Judeocentric calamities). Hip hip hurrah!!!”. Critic happy at last wirh deranged “love” for his masters’ massive, unprecedented crimes against Humnaity?


Jews are responsible for the Holocaust [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2009/12/30/ciemny- kontynent-europejscy-pomocnicy-hitlera-w-przeprowadzeniu-holocaustu/

Compare the slurs with my English original: https://piotrbein.net/2009/12/30/the-dark-continent-hitlers-european-holocaust-helpers/ This item alone discredits the critic.


Jewish rascals [Anti-Semite, JewHating] https://piotrbein.net/2023/08/05/piotr-bein-fundacje-robia-profity-z-nieszczesc-spowodowanych-przez-zydlackie-dranstwo/

Wrong translation of żydlackie draństwo. Should be Jewish villainy. Here is translation of the Polish original being a comment to a foundation collecting donations for sick kids treatment etc. It shows how offensive, insulting, blind and mendacious (or stupid?) the critic i

Piotr Bein to pomoc@fundacjadzieciom.org, August 5, 2023

Let’s concentrate first of all on those who cause the conditions that hurt children: chemisation of the environment and life; poisoned food, water and air; nuclear and telecom radiation; vaccines and”medications” of Rockefeller “medicine”.Your Foundation makes profits of this villainy, i.e. you are part of the problem that is easy to eliminate if we all work towards punishing the villains (incl. parents who allow the Pharmafia and its lackeys in Polin to vaccinate own kids).


the jewish-private dung shabbat makes our money. Fuck off the Jewish agents. [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2018/02/23/baraki-z-auschwitz-do-izraela-na-wall-street-do-city-of-london-na-brooklyn/

In response to outragous belying of the Holo-hoax accompanied by as belied,  outrageous restitution blackmail by the Holoco$t Bu$ine$$, Poles reacted appropriately, given colaboration of “their” gov’t with the culprits: take your s__t out of our country and leave us alone! Free our beloved Poland from the satanic curse of your bankster and Zio cesspool dumped into our soil with Polish tears, blood and bone at each of your concentration and death camps. We’d rather remember our martyrs without it. 

Otylia Zigman: Auschwitz barracks to Israel, to Wall Street, City of London and Brooklyn!!! As long as the barracks are not demolished and the ground ploughed, there is no chance for peace! This Auschwitz must be dismantled and handed to the restitutionists as post-Jewish property! Let them take it away to their own place!!! Isolated from the Polish Nation over there, they will enjoy peace of mind, while Poles will breath freely with a huge relief and thanks to God for great luck that befell them after centuries of torments!!!

On Thursday, February 22, 2018 5:29 PM, Piotr Bein: I concur: extrreme Judeocentrics of the bankster-Zionist type built the barracks, let them take this curse of Polish Land to Wall Street, City of London, Brooklyn (global nest of Lubavich infestation) and to Israel.

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, 3:07:13 PM PST, Andrzej Szubert: Until the barracks are not raised and the terrain is not ploughed, no peace can prevail. I would dismantle the whole Auschwitz od give it to the restitutionists as post-Jewish property. Let them have it and fuck off to their own place. 

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, 3:02:15 PM PST Piotr Bein: Will this kind of info be fed piecemeal to polactfo [neologism concerning extreme Poles, similar to neo-logism żydłactfo concerning extreme Judeocentrics]? It has been for years summed up in works on the Holocaust in Polish and English. We Poles know it, for fuck’s sake!  Why does not the Warsaw government rather than Polish citizens announce it to the world and fight over it with extreme Judeocentrics, while the private – Judeocentric  government mafia and shabbat goys milk us of money while doing nothing about the problem!

Jack Caleib: Fuck the Judeocentric agents and the Polish National Foundation out of Poland!!! 

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, 2:34:10 PM PST, Otylia Zigman: Marek Jakubiak: we know cases of Jews who denounced their brethren for money

[My preceding post is Katolaki zupełnie jak popierdolcy chrześcijanie syjonistyczni usraelscy = Catholic crazies just like their alikes in USrael, the Zionist Christians

Piotr Bein hates all chauvinism, ignorance and extremism, regardless of who prefesses it, not just from the Jedeocentrics. 

Hitler’s Germany. It didn’t take long to learn that the nastiest Nazi was a Jew, and an Israeli at That. Israel … after all, we are dealing with an illegitimate state without a constitution, defined borders or well-defined citizens. [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating, Israel Hating] https://piotrbein.net/2011/05/19/najwstretniejszy-hitlerowiec/ 

Watch your mouth, Judeocentric criminal critic. Say it into my face: Roy “antisemite”, i.e. hater of Zionist criminal state occupying Palestine — you coward hiding in anonymity, baiting disinformed staff of blog servers against the remnants of voice for Justice.   I don’t personally know a more courageous and informed Jew than Roy has been (ca. 300 articles by Roy on my blog). I loved Him like my brother, supported financially with donations to my blogs (Mossad interfered  eventually) and identified wirh His crusade against the Judeocentric scumbags. 
Your ilk has murdered Him, as they routinely do with Truth-tellers, Jews or goys alike; now easier for them to do remotely with 5G and 6G that extreme Jew psychos created for this.


Most of our political leaders are sponsored by Illuminati Jews in a banking syndicate. Their pawns and professors paint the lips of these pigs[Anti-Semite,JewHating]   https://piotrbein.net/2012/01/03/syjonisci-finansowali-obu-hitlera-i-churchilla/  

Bug off Dr. Henry Makow, a Jew convert to Catholicism!!!
Jew banksters and their Zionists financed, supported and manipulated psychos Stalin and Hitler, just like they do both sides in “Ukrainian” conflict today


Hitlerites – all Zionist German Jews

Wrong translation from Polish: Hitlerowcy — niemieccy syjonistyczni Żydzi w większości u steru III Rzeszy…= Hitlerites — mostly German Zionist Jews at the helm of the Third Reich…History fact. Tantrums will not change it.

the Zion-Nazi Third Reich [Anti-Semite,JewHating]  https://piotrbein.net/2020/06/25/judeo-soviet-nkvd-collaborated-with-zionist-nazis-gestapo-since-interwar-years/

That’s how it was — both the headline and the Third Reich. The critic better learn the history, it repeats itself under Jew banksters and their Judeocentric global cabal. 

globalist Jew plandemic [Anti-Semite,Jew Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2020/08/05/oy-vey-berlin-over-a-million-neo-nazi-antisemites-and- conspiracy-theorists-protest-globalist-jew-plandemic/

Globalist Jews, the banksters are the instigators and custodians of the NWO plan against Humanity. The “covid” plandemic is the final phase before GreatReset and transition to NWO, involving enslavement and transhumanism, while culling billions of humans to ca. half a billion. The banksters are aided by Jew oligarchs like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, predominantly Jew-run and managed Pharmafia, and the MSM globally under a handful of Jew moguls. Global Agenda2030, climate change fraud, environment before humans etc. destructive ideologies to gain absolute Jew bankster control over Humanity. Jew banksters don’t care about Jewish masses as they did not in the Shoah that they instigated and had carried out with other people’s hands. Thus Israeli Jews are among the world’s most “covid” jabbed nations. Fraudulent “covid” is a nano bio-weapon for bankster NWO plan realisation.
The critic better wake up and join Humanity, as most likely he/she, too, is contaminated with nano-bots (US-Israeli nano-chemistry expert Charles Lieber working with US-Wuhan bioresearch complex) that build structures inside humans to control body, mind and soul via telecom networks pushed by the banksters for that purpose (internet of bodies). 

This is from a Pole, member of the Slavic nation that uniquely warned Western gov’ts and Jewish orgs about Shoah, to no avail. That’s what an “antisemite” and “Israel hater” Piotr Bein is. 


Auschwitz in Poland LOL  [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2020/09/04/apocalyptic-deagel-baloney-from-mark-steele-busted/

Mendatious quote. The original says: millions of Jews from all over the world desire to settle close to their Zionist murderers’ Auschwitz in Poland LOL among one of the world’s most “antisemitic” peoples…“LOL” refers to Israeli Jews’ drive to re-settle in Poland, despite the “antisemism” alleged to exist in my country. Poland was always a safe harbour for Jews, hence Hebrew for Poland — Polin  If it was not for Poles, European Jews (way fewer than Chinese Haka, the Hindu, Ethiopian and other Jews racially different than the Khazar Ashkenazis) might be extinct by now, having been driven out from Europe centuries ago. 

And the critic would not have a chance to be born to live to offend and insult the truth-tellers of his tribe’s mass crimes among others on the Poles, a nation distinguished at Yad Vashem as the most numerous “Righteous among Nations” for saving innocent Jews in WW2, while risking own and whole community lives in case of Nazi occupier discovery of the hiding. 
This item shows the critic’s. fanatic blindness and bias. His/her tribesmen (Jew banksters and the Zionists) perpetrated Shoah and ca. 20 other holocausts, including — with cooperation by Soviet Jew regime — 6 to 8 million Poles and other citizens of pre-war Poland killed (predominantly defenceless civilians) or missing (those forcefully incorporated as citiziens into USSR from Polish parts of Belarus and Ukraine, and those who perished in Jew-run Gulag death complex).


Satanic Jew-dominated Soviets [Anti-Semite, JewHating]  https://piotrbein.net/2020/08/12/feb-2020-discussion-with-tanja-rebel-of-stop-5g-intl/

The critic does not make sense, blinded by Judeocentric fanaticism and mindless mantra resulting from Zionist chauvinist brainwashing. Should I instead praise terrible mass crimes by the satanists and bloody regimes like Georgian Jew Stalin (a facade of Jewish Kaganovitch brothers) and the Jewish NKVD in USSR? This critic should be sued for promoting red terror, mass murder and totalitarianism. 


[32 references to “Jew” on this page, put in false light and disinformation to suite his hatred for Jews and anti-Semitism sentiments. E.g. he falsely accuses Jews of having “conspired with the U.S. government to sink the Liberty and murder all of her crew. That’s a debunked conspiracy theory that’s anti-semitic. There was no such conspiracy to murder anyone. It was an error, thinking it was an Egyptian ship. Israel apologized for it and paid $7 million compensation]  [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2020/07/09/kill-the-uss-liberty/

Why does not the critic propose that CounterBias change “Jew” to “Eskimo” or “Dwarf”? Under censure terror by the Judeocentrics, we Poles are pressed to call this way the żydłactfo, i.e. the evil, extreme Jews, to discern from Żydostwo = the worldwide community of Jews. The re-publisher, I don’t see any reason to discount CounterBias’s account of the Jewish/Israeli atrocity. In the worst case it would be a conspiracy theory comparable to the critic’s theory that Israeli attack on the ship was not a conspiracy but a mistake. Sorry, my blog does not discriminate based on “ethnicity”.

[Anti-Semite references including accusing Jews of being backers of Hitler! This is yet another crazy conspiracy theory that has been debunked again and again. Rothschilds did not fund Hitler or the Nazi Party, but Piotr Bein says they did as part of his anti-Semite Jew-hating rhetoric.] [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating]  “Jew Rothschild banksters’ funding of the Nazi Party”   https://piotrbein.net/2020/01/24/haaretz-israel-facilitates-kremlin-campaign-to-blame-poland-for-outbreak-of-ww2-and-to-whitewash-stalin-hitler-pact/

The critic should complain to CounterBias, his e-address is in his material. Why bother Hostinger and me? But I agree based on my research, and the critic is welcome to debate my ref’s, provided he/she can prove own scientific/research acumen and present credentials, as I do not have time for fanatic crackpots. 

JEW PHARMAFIA PLAYS THE “NAZI” CARD TO GASLIGHT SKEPTICS  [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2021/05/17/jew-pharmafia-plays-the-nazi-card-to-gaslight-skeptics/

To the anti-goyim, White and Christian-hating Judeocentric critic: Silviu’s piece is right on with headlines in Jewish media. Now does the critic connect why Jews have been purged from Europe centuries ago? Because of extreme Jews like he or she is today. 


Jewish psychopathy of terror. – Jewish bankers financed the revolution, Soviet economy, and Hitler’s power.  [That’s NOT true.] [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating]  ttps://piotrbein.net/2020/01/25/psychopata-stalin-i-zydowskie-polaczenie/

It IS true. Deal with it, hate-addicted Judeocentric critic.

Jewsy banksters bribing countries to do EXTREME LOCKDOWNS! [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2020/08/03/plandemic-2-0-jewsy-bankster-cabal-bribing-countries-to-do-extreme-lockdowns-belarus-says-fuck-off/

IMF, World Bank, BIS, central banks all over the world — Jew banksters or subservient to them. Is it antisemitic and Jew hating to reject Jew poison “covid”, the biggest medical fraud in history to kill and maim hundreds of millions in military application at “warp speed” (Judeophile Trump) of bio-weapon designed to take total control over people’s (vaxed or not) minds, bodies and souls with nanotech in the jabs and environment.  


[Anti-Semite, Jew Hating]  https://piotrbein.net/2020/01/24/hateful-against-jews/

Jew parasites, Big Jew Pharma, Jew Wall Street, Netanyahu and the criminal occupier of Palestine ARE all condemnable. CountrerBias is on duty in this debate with a critic who is inexperienced with extreme Jews and knows little about the issues and problems.


Jew Rothschild banksters themselves, who, of course, generously funded the Nazi Party [NOT true] [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating] https://piotrbein.net/2022/02/03/nuremberg-laws-relatively-liberal/

CounterBias truth hurts, evoking knee-jerks in Judeocentric extremists. Similar regarding the other posts:

The Jew banksters and their Satanic spawn falsely named ‘Izrael’  [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating, Israel Hating] https://piotrbein.net/2020/01/20/ukrainian-plane-crash-in-iran/  

The Jews are the master robbers of the modern age [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating] https://piotrbein.net/2012/04/03/what-world-famous-men-said-about-the-jews/   Etc.

the Negroes “going ape”….  [Anti-Semite, Jew Hating, White Supremacist]  https://piotrbein.net/2020/07/09/discussion-apes-now-going-ape-in-minneapolis/

The term Negro (black in Spanish and Portuguese, similar sounding in other languages from Latin, e.g. Republic of Montenegro = Black Mountain). Denotes a person of Black African origin in the USA. Judeocentric “wars of religions and races” for Jew bankster interests have whipped up hatreds and fricitions that brought change of meaning, just like the extreme Jewish slur “White” does in the critic’s mouth. 


[Anti-Semite, Jew Hating] https://piotrbein.net/2020/08/30/full-of-it-illuminati-trump-fills-jewsy-cabals-scam-demic-bill-but-lets-neo-marxist-jew-soros-commies-mask-free-genocidal-psychopath-globalist-boy-fauci-with-face-diaper-for-show-to-the-goyim/

Correct to “self-hating” please. Jew convert to Christianity, Dr. Henry Makow has “killed the Jew in himself”.

Praising? — Re-producing selected material by an astute, staunch author Dr. David Duke (DDD).

White? — Why be reverse-racist “woke”, mr or mrs critic?

Supremacist? — Compared to critic’s supremacy chutzpah, DDD is just asserting Truth and own and Humanity’s rights in face of supremacist Judeocentric domination and terror. 

KKK leader? — In uninformed years of his life. Later a  politician, ousted by extreme Jews.

What is an empty post “duke-why-the-jewish-elite” doing in this nonsense list, apart from knee-jerkiness of the critic? What about all the 87 articles by DDD on my blog?. E.g.  David Duke: Leading Jewish Supremacist Confirms: Zionist Interests Served by Chaos in Syria  Not just Zionist interests; USrael, Putin and Jewrope helped the Rothschilds invade and occupy Syrian oil fields and populate them as Israel 2.0 with Jew-related Kurds.

…………….. End comments

The Judeocentric critic denies/belies/hates historical truths, while ignoring the existence of extreme fanatic supremacist Jews who control most of the world today and strive to impose NWO tyrrany.  He/she  belies Holocaust — the Zionism-supporting and Jew bankster-dependent Nazi German regime’s crime on more than 20 groups, among which Jews are neither the most numerous nor exceptional, perhaps only for being the victims of thier own tribe: the banksters and Zionists, The term “Holocaust” denies much bigger genocide by Jew-dominated Soviet regime since the Jew-banksters masterminded the 1917 revolution in Russia.

I am a survivor of Jew-operated anihilation, as my late Father fought and escaped both the Judeosoviets and the Zionist Nazis after the two evil powers jointly assaulted Poland on Sep 17, 1939, under the Ribbentrop – Molotov Pact that implemented an earlier agreement to jointly liquidate the Polish elites and intelligentsia. Hostinger action under the critic’s pressure insults me and the memory of my late Father, My Mother also lived thru the horros of Jew World War 2. Hostinger’s terror further to spurious charges by a Judeocentric fanatic also injure the honour and collective memory of my, Polish Nation.

Today, label “antisemite” is an honour, i.e. not an irrational hater of all Jews, but one whom the extreme Jews hate. I don’t hate anyone, but I do hate the sins of evil-doers. My blogs speak against injustice, enslavement, violence, staged revolutions and wars of agression, impairment of public health, and killing. The critic should target the extreme Jews, not the messengers who expose the evil.  

My research is, among others:

Hostinger owes me another 8100 euro for 22 hours spent on analysis of the critiic’s nonsense and this email: 
18.5 hours on the weekend at double rate (only 3 working days given to defend more than 40 posts): 18.5 x 400 euro = 7400 euro
3.5 hours at 200 euro = 700 euro 

On Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 03:45:42 a.m. PDT, Hostinger Abuse <abuse-tracker@hostinger.com> wrote:


here’s the the list of reported content/title (attached)

we kindly request that you either remove the infringing content or provide sufficient information/documents, such as legal documents or additional proof, to justify the claims made on your website within the next 3 working days.

Piotr Bein To: Hostinger Abuse Thu, Sep 14 at 8:28 a.m.

I spent another 7 hours til late last night and this morning to glance the posts on your “XX” list of allegedly objectionable postings. As in the first three ones I gave as examples of your request’s absurdity, here is more:

It’s an empty post, only a headline. Who identified this one as violating rule 5.3 and why?

The others, as far I can see, OBJECT TO and CONDEMN terrorism in all shape and form, be it by the state, orgs, personal bullying or whatever other form of violence. Until you point exactly which words, sentence, paragraph in each post allegedly violates your rules, I can’t comply. 
My current activity, both as an asset to society and livelihood-wise, would be impaired in case you suspend or purge my blogs (one blog links to the other).  Removal of posts or suspension would affect both of them. If that happens I will seek redress thru courts. 
Insertion of “[.]” and “xx” into the links causes torture for me. I am an ailing senior with poor sight, have to clean up every such link in the tiny rubric on my comp with magnifying glass!!! Please provide unaltered list of what you claim are offending posts.  
Hostinger owes me another 1400 euros for my time, plus compensation for loss of sleep, anxiety, worrying and stress.


Piotr Bein To:Hostinger Abuse Tue, Sep 12 at 5:58 a.m.

You have to tell me how each marked post infringes on your rule 5.3. Try as I did, I have no clue. For example, my link to Haaretz article does not violate the publication’s property rights.  

Three days is not enough for so many posts, if they infrnged on the rules. 

In effect you are forcing me to self-censor my blog material that is either a ref. to published material, or a reflection of truth in my own articles.

I am puzzled by conflation of terrorism with property rights in the same rule. Please kindly illuminate..

GLOBAL ALARM Hostinger platform abuses blogger, attempts to censor undeniable truths falsified by Israeli gov’t, Kremlin, Der Spiegel & others

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 03:57:50 a.m. PDT, Hostinger Abuse <abuse-tracker@hostinger.com> wrote:


In accordance with our policies, we kindly request that you either remove the infringing content or provide sufficient information/documents, such as legal documents or additional proof, to justify the claims made on your website within the next 3 working days.

Please take this matter seriously and act promptly to resolve the issue. Failure to comply with this request may result in further action. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Hostinger Abuse Department


Piotr Bein To: Hostinger Abuse

Fri, Sep 8 at 9:54 p.m.

Re: Content removal

EN [To bcc recipients: Please disseminate widely, this is an attempt to muzzle our voice.]

PL [Do odbiorców w ukrytym rozdzielniku: Proszę rozplakatować, patrzcie jak wdrażają globo-psychole knebel po namordniku.] 

RU [Получателям скрытой копии: пожалуйста, распространите информацию широко, это попытка заглушить наш голос.] 

BY [Атрымальнікам bcc: калі ласка, распаўсюдзьце шырокае паведамленне, гэта спроба заглушыць наш голас.]

UA [Одержувачам прихованої копії: будь ласка, поширте широко, це спроба заглушити наш голос.]

RS [Примаоцима скривених копија: Молимо вас да широко ширите, ово је покушај да нам се пригуши глас.]

CZ [Příjemcům skrytá kopie: Šiřte prosím široce, toto je pokus umlčet náš hlas.]

SL [Prejemnikom skp: prosimo, razširjajte, to je poskus utišanja našega glasu.]

SK [Pre príjemcov skrytej kópie: Rozšírte ich, toto je pokus umlčať náš hlas.]

HR [Primateljima bcc-a: Molimo vas da šire objavite, ovo je pokušaj prigušivanja našeg glasa.]

DE [An BCC-Empfänger: Bitte weit verbreiten, dies ist ein Versuch, unsere Stimme mundtot zu machen.]

FR [Aux destinataires Cci : veuillez diffuser largement, ceci est une tentative de museler notre voix.]

ES [A los destinatarios de CCO: Por favor, difundan ampliamente; este es un intento de amordazar nuestra voz.]

[לנמענים בעותק מוסתר: נא להפיץ ברבים, זהו ניסיון לבלום את קולנו.]

[إلى مستلمي نسخة مخفية الوجهة: يرجى النشر على نطاق واسع، فهذه محاولة لتكميم صوتنا.]

[ਬੀਸੀਸੀ ਪ੍ਰਾਪਤਕਰਤਾਵਾਂ ਨੂੰ: ਕਿਰਪਾ ਕਰਕੇ ਵਿਆਪਕ ਤੌਰ ‘ਤੇ ਫੈਲਾਓ, ਇਹ ਸਾਡੀ ਆਵਾਜ਼ ਨੂੰ ਦਬਾਉਣ ਦੀ ਕੋਸ਼ਿਸ਼ ਹੈ।]
Why does Hostinger abuse me, their law-abiding, loyal customer! 

You don’t list links to my blog, as the dot is bracketed and the leader contains “xx” instead of “tt” — the cabal’s code for terminating posts (and blogger) undesirable to the tyrranical psychos who think they rule the world.  Whatever it is, it violates my rights to the linked material, by disfiguring the url.

As some headlines are undeniably mine, I will address your bizzare request anyway. Thanks for sifting thru tens of thousands of posts. Did you use a bot or someone (namely, who?) sent you the list? Or you received a court order or other legal basis and from which jurisdiction? IMHO, by the “criteria” that have been applied, both of my blogs should be incinerated and the blogger jailed for “terrorism” and violation of thousands of whatever “properties”.

Are you sane? Suppression of the oldest article on your list /2009/12/30/the-dark-continent-hitlers-european-holocaust-helpers/ (you also disfigured with an extra space) invites a backlash for attempt to hide ghastly truth dear to Poles around the world anfd their friends. Truth that German Der Spiegel belied 64 years after extermination of Poles by Hitler’s Zionist Nazi regime — one of the WW2 largest genocides of a nation. Subservient to the Jew bankster cabal and to their global Zionist lackeys, Hitler’s regime hand in hand with the extreme Jew-dominated Soviet tyrrany committed the following crimes on Poles and their country: 

  • 80% intellicide, 
  • over 6 million civilians as well as military killed (one of the largest, in percent, WW2 murders of a nation),
  • more millions maimed, nearly all Poles severely traumatised for life and future generations,
  • untold suffering and death in mass murder complex of the Soviet Katyń and Gulag,  
  • Poles rounded up to German Nazi death camps in Europe,
  • another two million ethnic minorities of pre-war, multiethnic Poland still unaccounted for after forceful incorporation into USSR and convictions to the Soviet Jew-established and -run Gulag,
  • hundreds of thousands civilians killed by extreme Ukrainian Bandera adherents, run by Zionist Nazi Hitler regime,
  • both Jew-bankster controlled tyranies ruined Poland’s natural resources, and cultural and economic wealth,
  • half a century of enslavement in Soviet Judeo-communism,
  • Poland’s WW2 total human, cultural, infrastructure and economic losses amount to a figure the Rothschilds could hardy compensate for, even at only a few million euro per human life. 

You “know everything” guys with bankster imposed “smart” phones in your hands want to censor the truth? Thanks to useful ignorants like yourself who cannot stand against the PRESENT global tyrany, the NewNormal has arrived and NWO is around the corner. 

/2012/01/03/syjonisci-finansowali-obu-hitlera-i-churchilla/ is factual, too. It has nothing to do with alleged terrorism and property violation by me. 

/2021/03/01/killed-by-plandemic-psychos-my-blog-kicks-ass-anew/ Do you intend to wash out the damage I suffered. I was singled out, targeted, entrapped by RCMP and terrorised — threatened, assaulted, tortured, and subjected to extorsion in state terrorist hands for being exempt from mask-wearing. Two blogs, my property, were damaged prior to that incident. Both occurences are described here.

/2020/01/24/haaretz-israel-facilitates-kremlin-campaign-to-blame-poland-for-outbreak-of-ww2-and-to-whitewash-stalin-hitler-pact/   Are you antisemites? How dare you attempt to suppress truth from Haaretz! Why don’t you bug Israeli gov’t and Kremlin? 

Tell me why should I, an ailing senior with eyes burned out from e-telling the truth, put up with Hostinger terror?  CEASE AND DESIST  Bug off this honest truth-seeker, will you please, bunch of global genocidal cabal’s clowns


On Friday, September 8, 2023 at 02:23:56 a.m. PDT, Hostinger Abuse
<abuse-tracker@hostinger.com> wrote:

Thank you for your email. Please remove all below URLs:

hxxps://piotrbein[.]net/2012/02/20/david-duke-the-real-rogue-nuclear-state-prawdziwe-bandyckie-panstwo/ hxxps://piotrbein[.]net/2013/12/31/dr-david-duke-the-jewish-war-on-christmas/

Hostinger Abuse Department

—–Original message—–
From: Piotr Bein Sent: 09/07/2023 01:54:46
Which post or posts do you mean?
As is, your note means I shoul;d remove the whole blog.

On Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 05:01:42 a.m. PDT, Hostinger
Abuse <abuse-tracker@hostinger.com wrote:
We have received a complaint about the content in the following URL: piotrbein[.]net
We would like to inform you that we do not condone any content that promotes, encourages, or engages in terrorism, or violence against people, animals, or property (as per our Terms of Service: https://www.hostinger.com/universal-terms-of-service-agreement 5.3).
We ask you to remove the reported content within 24 hours. If the reported content is not removed after 24 hours since this email has been sent, we will suspend the hosting plan for violating our Terms of Service agreement.
Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything in more detail.

Best Regards,

By piotrbein