Holocaust denier humour ;<)

http://www.rebelnews.org/opinion/history/111931 My favourite: “LEGALIENATE: Have you solved the problem of Holocaust denial? LIPSTATIC: Of course not. But we did provide precise explanations proving that what Deniers say are complete deviations from what we say. We didn’t prove what happened, and nobody else better either, but we proved that what they say happened could not possibly… Continue reading Holocaust denier humour ;<)

Operation Danish Cartoons

Operation Danish Cartoons – a Battle in the War of Civilizations by Piotr Bein, March 10, 2008 Summary Leads point to the complicity of the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC), a global web of Judeocentric power brokers, in the “Danish cartoons” affair two years ago. The riots on the second anniversary are likely of the same… Continue reading Operation Danish Cartoons

There are positive revisionists and there are liers

Positive revisionists pursue historical truth in a scientific fashion. Thenegative ones act as if they had a mission for …the extreme Zionists themselves, in order to maintain anti-Semitism without which apparently Zionists couldn’t thrive. Their international leader, Hertz, has declared in the beginning of the 20th century that Zionism will eploit anti-Semitism to achieve Jewish… Continue reading There are positive revisionists and there are liers

For art lovers — “…don’t keep spitting on the Cross!”

http://www.rebelnews.org/opinion/media/110086-spitting-mad-jews-and-angry-artists “ “To summarize [the Frankfurt School agenda]: “Let’s create a culture of pessimism. Let’s make Western civilization stink. Let’s create a godless world and drive people to despair. Let’s corrupt society’s values and make life impossible. In short, let’s create hell on earth.” And this: “To undermine. To corrupt. To create discord. To drive… Continue reading For art lovers — “…don’t keep spitting on the Cross!”

The Massacre of Poles at Naliboki

Jan Peczkis wrote today: Here is my review, recently appearing at Amazon. Naliboki has gotten some attention because of the massacre of Poles by a combination of Soviet and Jewish bands. This book, though not particularly well written in my opinion, provides the English-speaking reader with some background on this massacre, but unfortunately does not… Continue reading The Massacre of Poles at Naliboki

“Nasi” w USA o nas: “prostacy, niewyksztalceni, nieinteligentni rasisci”

> Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 15:10:59 -0800 > From: martinus > Subject: Re: Bogaty jak Polak w USA, > To: [email protected] > > > Tu znajda panstwo pare informacji.: > > > O godnosc Nasza i Wasza!!! > Po cichu, bez rozglosu, bez zadnego zainteresowania toczy sie w Ameryce proces sadowy, ktory ma dla… Continue reading “Nasi” w USA o nas: “prostacy, niewyksztalceni, nieinteligentni rasisci”

Known Jews Deliberately Spared by the Nazis: 2 Examples

Jan Peczkis has reviewed another two books (he must be quite a speed-reader …and writer!). ……………………………. Here are two reviews of mine, recently appearing at Amazon. The attention given to the Holocaust to the neglect of the Nazi genocide of Poles is usually justified by the argument that all Jews were uniquely targeted by the… Continue reading Known Jews Deliberately Spared by the Nazis: 2 Examples

Misinfo on Ukrainian epidemic

Note that pastors don’t use language like “New World Order Satanic S.O.B.’s” below.  –PB List od pastora … jak się okazuje – dezinformacja To all English speaking readers: As we found out from our own investigation in Poland, the letter below does not state the truth. Probably this is a a part of disinformation campaign. What… Continue reading Misinfo on Ukrainian epidemic

Polish Radio Maryja Opposes Money Extortion

A Polish-American top Amazon reviewer Jan Peczkis writes today: A recent (2008) report to the US Congress, CONTEMPORARY GLOBAL ANTI-SEMITISM: A REPORT, has accused the traditionalist Catholic RADIO MARYJA of being anti-Semitic merely for opposing attempts at “property restitution” as demanded by self-appointed “heirs” to murdered Polish Jews. Unfortunately, this report is not presently carried… Continue reading Polish Radio Maryja Opposes Money Extortion

Hoffman “Fort Hood obviously stinks”

The Hoffman Wire Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History Subscribe: [email protected] Michael A. Hoffman II: Editor. RevisionistHistory.org *** AN INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL HOFFMAN ON THE FORT HOOD SHOOTINGS Nov. 10, 2009 This interview is online here: http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2009/11/interview-with-michael-hoffman-on-fort.html Interviewer: Why have you termed it “Fort HOODwink”? Hoffman: The Freemasons have many… Continue reading Hoffman “Fort Hood obviously stinks”